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2009 Striped Bass Tournament kick-off at NJ Church

Terry McMahon
May 2, 2009

On Saturday, May 2nd the 2009 Annual Peace King Cup Fishing Tournament began with an orientation seminar and registration at New Jerusalem Family Church in Clifton, New Jersey in preparation for the tournament on May 9th.

Around 25 persons attended bringing total registration to 50 persons so far. Dr. Keisuke Noda of UTS gave a great presentation expressing that the essence of the ocean is change, fluidity, and interdependence. The ocean is a spiritual as well as a material resource that beckons a new type of 21st century person whose character matches that of the ocean.

Mr. Takahashi gave great information on tackle and fishing tips and where the big fish are. He expressed that this tournament should continue on forever as our heart-felt tradition. Mr. McMahon reviewed the rules and schedule of the tournament and gave remarks and greetings to Rev. Moon Shik Kim, Rev. Barry Geller and Rev. Bruce Grodner as well as Dr. Noda. Thank you to all those who met together at this humble meeting to prepare well and make this a successful event on May 9th!

Submitted by Terry McMahon, FFWPU-NJ 

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