The Words of the McLackand Family

Fourth Southeast Asia Regional Conference

Ursula McLackland
March 1-5, 1989
Bangkok, Thailand

Rev. and Mrs. Byung Wooh Kim with leaders of the Southeast Asia region

Recently Father asked Rev. Byung Wooh Kim, Regional Director for Southeast Asia, to expand his responsibilities to include the countries of the Philippines, Taiwan and Hong Kong as well. What was formerly three regions is now united into one region under the leadership of Reverend and Mrs. Kim. The new Southeast Asia region consists of 12 countries, including three Communist countries -- Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

After the announcement of this change, Rev. Kim called all the national leaders, missionaries and church presidents to Bangkok for the Fourth Southeast Asia Regional Conference, from March 1-5, 1989. It was an unforgettable experience.

In his opening remarks, Rev. Kim explained the deeper meaning of the consolidation of our region and the importance of Southeast Asia in God's providence. Because of True Parents' victory, the center of God's providence has moved to Asia and the Pacific. In order to unite Asia and to unite Korea, the restoration of China is absolutely essential.

Just like Russia, China has satellite nations, too. That's us: the 12 countries in Southeast Asia. The Chinese in our countries are like refugees who lost their hometown. Even the Thai people's original homeland is China. With the realization that China is our homeland and that our common purpose is to restore China, all the participants got so excited and united immediately in heal to fulfill this great mission. There was no room for division throughout the entire conference because we felt Father's urgent desire to restore China.

Video center coffee shop in Bangkok.

Inter-Regional Cooperation

We spent the following three days listening to each other's testimonies as well as to reports about each nation. Through the personal testimonies, we came to know and appreciate each other's importance to Heavenly Father. Through the reports, we could better understand the situation of our movement in each country. The movements in Singapore, Indonesia, and Hong Kong are still small. The church in Malaysia is more developed, whereas the movement in Thailand is nationwide.

Thailand has developed very fast in the last few years under Rev. Kim's guidance. Many heavenly traditions have been established there. Since the Fifth CARP Convention of World Students, which was held in Bangkok in 1988, our membership has been focusing on witnessing to students through CARP activities and a new video center. The video center (with 40 video sets) bustles with activities from morning to night. T-CARP, preparing for the next CARP Convention in London, offers free classes in Wonhwa-do, traditional Thai music and Thai dancing. The newly-formed CARP rock band is improving every day.

The video lab (with 40 video sets) stays very busy.

Though our movement in the Philippines has a foundation to influence the nation, it faces financial problems. On the other hand, the movements in Hong Kong and Singapore don't have financial problems, but there are difficulties in witnessing. Through sharing our experiences, we could find new ways to develop our nations and made plans of how to cooperate with each other beyond national boundaries. Rev. and Mrs. Kim stressed the importance of our offering to our True Parents. Since the Philippines has a strong membership, it will send out 15 Wonhwa-do instructors throughout the region to support the witnessing activities in the other countries. In return, each country donated money to the Philippines to buy telephones for all the centers.

The conference concluded with a trip to the world-famous floating market near Bangkok and a farewell party during which all Second Selves and Chosen Ones danced together like one united family.

Everybody returned to their country filled with new hope and determination to bring victory for our True Parents under the loving guidance of Rev. and Mrs. Kim. 

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