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Interest in Indonesia about Character Education

Ursula McLackland
February 25, 2011

Jakarta, Indonesia -- UPF Indonesia's character education programs are gaining widespread support. Though schools used have to moral education classes in the past, these days such classes have generally been removed from the curriculum and teachers are struggling how to implement moral or character education in their classrooms.

To address this dilemma, the principal of a renowned vocational high school in Jakarta, Drs. Haribowo Surnaryo, invited UPF resource persons to conduct a training for the teachers of his school on February 25. Not only did he deliver the welcome remarks but also stayed for the entire first session on the 'Need to Educate for Character' and joined the discussions on how to apply character education programs in his school.

The second session, on 'Causes and Resolution of Conflict' with special focus on conflicts experienced at school, stimulated the teachers to ask the presenter many questions regarding their own practical situations in the class room.

The feedback from the participants clearly shows the great need for such teacher training. Another vocational high school has already requested UPF to conduct a one-day training at their school.

The Kalbe Institute of Technology and Business made an innovative step to recruit new students for the coming semester. During their open house for new admissions, they requested UPF to make a presentation on the importance of developing character besides excellence in studies. The students responded with great interest in the UPF approach to real success in life.

UPF-Indonesia conducts regular seminars to help Ambassadors for Peace understand the UPF principles of peace and development. The newly appointed Ambassadors for Peace appreciate getting to know each other and discussing ways they can contribute to peace-building in their area of expertise. This reflects the concerns of officials in Indonesia about how to foster harmonious relations among the various faith traditions. 

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