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Leadership Conference Convened in Jakarta

Ursula McLackland
November 18, 2010

Jakarta, Indonesia -- UPF-Indonesia has initiated a series of Ambassadors for Peace Leadership Conferences to be held on a monthly basis to expand and invigorate the Ambassador for Peace network in Indonesia.

The first of these conferences was held on the theme "The Role of Ambassadors for Peace at a Time of Global Crisis" at the UPF Peace Center on November 18. Mr. Oscar Sinurat, Chairman of UPF-Indonesia, welcomed 45 participants representing all walks of life. After an introductory video on the current activities of UPF worldwide, Mrs. Ursula McLackland, Regional Secretary General of UPF-Asia, explained how the UPF Principles of Peace and Development can solve critical problems in today's world.

Then the audience listened attentively to the experiences shared by eminent Ambassadors for Peace such as Amb. Abdul Wahid Maktub, Special Advisor to the Minister of Manpower and Transmigration, and Dr. Payaman Simanjuntak, Vice Chairman of the National Productivity Council, before Mr. David Ang, Secretary General of UPF-Indonesia and Master of Ceremonies, introduced the highlight of the program: 14 distinguished individuals were presented with Ambassador for Peace Certificates in recognition of their accomplishments in their field of expertise. These included religious leaders, educators, diplomats, NGO leaders, and businessmen who are willing to contribute to the further development of UPF in Indonesia. 

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