The Words of the McCann Family

Witnessing on the subway

Jim McCann
March 1970

Jim McCann

Dear Family,

In New York City one of the main ways we draw people into our center is by witnessing on the subway. It was on a Broadway train beneath the poverty of Harlem that I first heard the words "Unified Family" and "Divine Principle". It is hard in this fast paced, suspicious city to give a hint of the Principles which are leading us closer to the source of all goodness and the New Age. Although I am in the family less than a month I realize how important it is to be prepared in any situation to unfold in a meaningful way the light that is growing. Since New York is so fast paced we are limited in the number of strangers we can talk to, and the amount of time we can devote to inviting them to our Riverside address. Then how are we to judge who should hear and who cannot?

In the American courts there is an idea that a man is to be judged by a jury of his peers. We are the peers of those we witness to: to those we teach.

Though we live in the light of Principle, we also live in the satanic world; and we must not underestimate its influence. We must look at all the people we see on the streets of New York as brothers and sisters. Our responsibility is to serve them.

Give us the strength of purpose, Father, to know New York; so that we may lead its' peoples to the spirit within; to you though the Divine Principle. Let us not judge lest we be judged.

Thank you heavenly Father for letting me enter into your realm through a crowded subway car. This is one of your miracles.

In the Name of the True Parents,

Jim McCann 

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