The Words of the Mbanga Family

Special Workshop for the New Beginning of Cheon Il Guk Blessed Families: Special Healing

Rachel Chikumbata Mbanga
January 26, 2007

I participated at the 'Special Workshop for the New Beginning of Cheon Il Guk Blessed Families'(New Beginning Workshop) held in Zambia on January 26, 2007.

I have been longing to have a chance to attend such special workshop. Since I was a child my health wasn't great. Last year in 2006 I was given a mission to fundraise for one year in South Africa. My mission ended in December 2006 but before it did, one day I got extremely sick and was rushed to a nearby clinic. After couple of tests the doctor found out that my heart as in trouble that my arteries weren't functioning properly.

I was then moved to a bigger hospital and told to have an operation. However, financially I couldn't afford it so I was forced to leave the hospital.

I was devastated of the results and had no where to go. When I was told that there would be a 'New Beginning Workshop' scheduled to be held in Zambia, I asked my leader if it was possible for me to fundraise all the fees for this special pardon.

As I was doing my best during the Holy Song Session, a member behind me was doing their best to remove evil spirits from my back. It was really painful but I endured and repented for my ancestors' sins through the Holy Song Session. At the end I felt like there was a big hole in my back and I could feel many spirits being pulled out.

After the workshop I feel much better, and have no difficulty of breathing. I believe I am healed.

I really thank God, True Parents, Dae Mo Nim and all the Absolute Good Spirits that helped me.

Thank you

Rachel Chikumbata Mbanga, \
South Africa Unification Church,
400 Million Blessed Couples,
Special Workshop for the New Beginning of Cheon Il Guk Blessed Families Zambia,
January 26,2007

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