The Words of the Mayo Family

Post Evaluation Meeting

Almera Grace P. Mayo
March 14, 2009
Philippine College of Technology
Davao City, Philippines

I. Invocation by Mr. Joshua Josol
II. Presentation of Participants
III. Statement of purpose
IV. Meeting Proper
V. Dr. Michael Zablan, presided the meeting


1. Dr. Michael Zablan
2. Dr. Jaime Vergara
3. Dr. Felomino A. Josol
4. Mrs. Almera Grace P. Mayo
5. Dr. Estrella Babano
6. Mr. Paulino T. Sanchez
7. Mrs. Jessila V. Carag
8. Ms. Gemma V. Bulalacao
9. Mr. Nonilo Olohoy
10. Ms. Janice Aizon
11. Mr. Kenneth Acobo
12. Mrs. Cora A. Diocadez
13. Mr. Reynaldo S. Banzon
14. Mr. Andy Persia
15. Mr. Allan Suminguit
16. Mrs. Claudeline Persia


1. Accommodation/Reception

According to Grace Mayo, Mindanao Executive Director there was lack staff assigned on this area.

Dr. Estrella Babano, Chairman of MinPI observations/suggestions:

organized committees and empower them
assign staff for advisory
local participation can be lodge to a cheaper hotel
ask for a discount
tarpaulin was not withdrawn to the cargo. Assign staff forgets. Initiative done, alternative- ferns were use for stage decoration
check hotel’s room, beddings, curtains, etc to ensure hygiene and safety
no banners from Airport to Pryce Hotel. That is why some participants was lost
Periodic meetings to check the status of the preparation

2. Hall preparation

According to Dr. Michael Zablan, Executive Director of UPF, chairs can be arrange to look nice and full. Avoid vacant set in the middle. Front chairs should be occupied first.

3. Secretariat

Observation and comment

Secretariat should be the center of operation, monitoring, information and documentation.

Because of the hectic schedule. Everything happens at random. Designate Staff was not given proper instructions what to do

Secretariat should coordinate attendance to MC for acknowledgment of the guests. Never forget to acknowledge the late comers.

But still the one who invited the guest should be responsible

Attendance Sheets should be spacious to be readable

Assign staff for Certificate of Attendance and Recognition

4. Documentation

Team from Manila came here for documentation

5. Program and Activities

There is a need of a sit down consultation of all the leaders with Dr. Babano before any event because she has all the access.

Invitation letters should be delivered right away after finalization / confirmation of the schedule. No delay please

6. Other matters

Mr. Zablan ask why everybody was focus on Tubod not on the Hoon Dok Hae in Cagayan? Ano na lang na trabaho ang natira sa atin when almost everything is done by the DepEd

Two days orientation and planning for the MinPI Board of Directors on April 15-16, 2009. This is an avenue who will be invited to attend the GPF Indonesia on May 10, 2009

detailed advisory. Ask Rhea for a kit for our guidelines

the issue in Mindanao is a worldwide issue. The focus of the four organizations for peace is in Mindanao. Pray for the success of MinPI

Grace Mayo should be responsible for the youth leader Christopher

somebody suggested to add Peace Education on the Curriculum. Mr. Balili suggested to integrated since it will mean additional cost on the part of the students. But Dr. Babano commented that integration will parrot the peace initiative. 3 units is not even enough to advocate culture of peace. Change is does not happened overnight or one GPF only. Teacher itself should not only talk about peace for compliance only but think and act as well. It should be a mandate to be effective.

Dr. Zablan said the event was over all success but there was a need for evaluation to strengthen our capability

The wings of Dr. Babano to the Middle East

Councilor Raul Caballero of Nabunturan was given a privilege speech and he reported his achievement in Nabunturan as peace advocacy. According to him, because of the tragic killing of a barangay councilor and attempt to burn the house of a barangay captain, this barangay captain went to the mayor hopeless and scared and wanted to resign. The mayor told him you can’t do anything because they are already there. The military pressured him to lead the Alsa Masa but he was afraid that the NPA will kill him. But when the Barangay Capitan happened to confine his problem to our good councilor Honorable Raul Caballero. He instructed the Capitan to gather his constituent, purok leaders, kagawad, religious leaders all sectoral leaders. A one-day Seminar for Peace Principle was conducted, speaker was Dr. Joseph Navalta. Even the military in charge there was inspired by the topic` that they requested for a seminar too. They were amazed because of the common ideas of peace principle. UPF, Military, and barangay leaders work together for the education of the barangay leaders and constituents.

21 days education, parade, tree planting, community service and peace rally was conducted. Before this barangay is consider a war zone but now a Model Barangay for Peace. According to Councilor Caballero that since he started already a peace movement in Nabunturan why not consider to establish MinPi and call it SoMinPI (Southern Mindanao Peace Initiative). so in Caraga CarMinPI (Caraga Mindanao Peace Initiative)

Prepared by:
Rossana A. Cezar

Noted by:
Mrs. Almera Grace P. Mayo
Executive Director

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