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Tribal Datu DP Seminar - Tribal, Unity Glitters - Mindanao’s Promising Peace

Almera Grace P. Mayo
November 12, 2008

Polishing the gems of Manobo’s tribal origin since time immemorial, way back first century A.D. of Datu Mamalo displays hope for tribal recognition, reconciliation among indigenous, Muslims and Christians in this island of Mindanao. Real Peace begins as this unrecognized tribe committed to take ownership to start within forgetting the prejudices and biases that one’s felt in agonizing heart is in peace process of transformations. Tears of repentance of the past deeds, ancestral domain and errors have vanished away and never doom for destruction as the enlightenment took place during the 2-Day Mindanao Tribal Datu Divine Seminar in the city of Malaybalay, Bukidnon. And what touches the most was the Peace Lectures given by the Mindanao UPF executive director, Mrs. Almera Grace P. Mayo who uplifted the spirit of change.

First Mindanao-wide Tribal Datu 2-Day Divine Principle Orientation Seminar, November 3-4, 2008, Folk Arts Theatre, Kaamulan Park Malaybalay City, Bukidnon Being transformed by the UPF Principles of Peace and the Vision of our True Parents towards God’s kingdom on earth, the 8 tribal Datus and Bais of the Ilantongan Manobo Tribe that based in Pangantucan, Bukidnon speaks their inmost self to materialize and support the 2-Day Mindanaowide Tribal Datu Divine Principle Introductory Seminar held in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon. This was the plan conceptualized by Bukidnon UPF Director, Sir Nonoy Gultia and well-supported by Mrs. Almera Grace P. Mayo, Mindanao UPF Executive Director. This was the result of the great success of GPF Mindanao launched in Cagayan de Oro City last September 19-21, 2008 at Pryze Plaza hotel, Limkitkai Atruim and Capitol Ground as the msin venues of International Leadership Conference (ILC), True Love Power (TLP) and Grand Parade, Peace Concerts.

Religious and Political Leaders as well as the people of Academe have attested such tremendous event, and by coincidence the Mindanaowide Tribal Datu Seminar in Bukidnon had Successfully participated by Altruistic Tribal Chieftains 27 came out of 33 tribal heads.

The enormous response of Mindanao Peace Initiative through Tribal Unity became an aspiring motto of everyone. They know that the reminiscent tribal conflict would come to an end through living for the sake of others. No matter how you call God as Allah, Mambabaya, Hananim, Ultimate Reality, etc. but most important thing is an open-mindedness to other beliefs and understanding to one another. Datu Lindongan shared, “that the most basic criterion of Peace is to start within, peace in nature, is Peace in Mambabaya (the creator).”

Altruistic Ceremony Glorifies UPF Peace Principles

This workshop has made a good position of the tribe. Solemnizing the covenant between God and the people. It was started by a cultural tribal prayers, ethnic ceremony with traditional props and costumes.

Feisty ritual the Dugsong (mon of medium) stands in a position of God’s (Mambabaya) etc. A channel of revelation and messages. It’s Quiet an hour prayer, spoken to its native tongue. He prays for unity, a peace process of the island of Mindanao. As the Dugsong recited the cry-out loud prayer of Peace, he spoke to us that their tribal ancestors are cooperating with them and must support the UPF’s programs in order to resolve all their pains and suffering that had been inflected since time immemorial. The Supreme Datu had testified the words Sun and Moon have already revealed to them before and Rev. Sun Myung Moon is the only hope for World Peace who had just started to land the Manobo Tribe.

As our world is in turmoil of conflict the tribal spiritualist believers the necessity of struggles for a problem to be an opportunity. This kind of transformation, as they said would allow us to value the preciousness of good works on earth amidst of persecutions and rejections. They also shared their resent status as being neglected by the government encapsulate for slavery in higher social position. But their sentiments now have transformed to Peace freedom, upon knowing the UPF Principles of Peace that they have to be more patient and more loving amidst of social and financial crises. Resonating their hearts of one tribe, one nation.

Datu Lindongan commenced that the UPF Principles of Peace and the Vision of Rev. Sun Myung Moon to establish one global Family under God is an institution of World Peace. The time has come together in the culture of living for the sake of others as their tribal legacy cooperation. 

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