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Cagayan de Oro WUMAF Inducted

Grace Mayo
June 16, 2008

An induction of officers of the Martial Arts Federation of World Peace was held at the Function Hall of Cagayan de Oro City last June 16, 2008. The program started at 9:30 am and was attended by three provincial board members. Hon. Francisco G. Bade; Hon. Enerito Acain, former ABC president and now board member in Misamis Oriental; Hon. Arsenio S. Kho, the ABC president in Misamis Oriental.

The national anthem was conducted by Mrs. Almera Grace B. Mayo, Executive Director in Mindanao and followed by the prayer given by Mr. Kenneth Dhon Almacer one of the officers of the MFWP. Welcome address was given by Hon. Arsenio S. Kho, the ABC president in Liga of Barangay in Misamis Oriental. He said that it his dream to have a group who can help molds the youth in their barangay. He heartily expressed his full support for the organization. In fact, he offered their function hall to be used for any of their future gathering. He believed that the Principle of Tong Il Moo Do has inspired the group to do more for their communities. Hon. Kho attended ILC in New York last February 2008. He brought with him his certificate as Ambassador for Peace. He also attended two seminars on Universal Peace Principles with Prof. Joseph Navalta last March 2008. Hon. Bade gave an inspirational talk. He predicted that Martial Arts Federation for world peace will be given attention by the province. He himself is also a martial artist. He was very grateful that Misamis Oriental is the first province that the MFWP was organized.

Master Venus Agustin, President of Tong Il Moo Do-Asia presented the vision and mission of Martial Arts Federation For World Peace. He told the Officers that Martial Arts is a practical means of unarmed self-defense against any kind of assault. It is a way of building sound character enlightening one's mind and spirit. He emphasized that while building a strong and courageous character that will fight with determination against injustice and unrighteousness, it is important to maintain a humble attitude. Martial Arts must be an instrument for teaching discipline and self-control to young people. Everyone was inspired about the presentation and expressed willingness to support all activities of the Federation.

Master Joey Sumiller, National President of Martial Arts Federation For World Peace-Philippines asked the Officers to raise their right hand and pledge to do their responsibility with seriousness and dedication.

The president of Martial Arts Federation for World Peace Northern Mindanao Chapter, Mr. Teddy N. San Jose gave an acceptance speech. He told the group that he is now the servant. Mr San Jose was the founding chairman and director for Tramecy and Services. He is half Filipino and Israelite. He shared that he was really touched by the Philosophy of the Tong Il Moo Do given by Master Venus. He said he participated in so many fights but he didn¢t get killed, and now he died through the philosophy of Tong Il Moo Do that he might have a different outlook in life. His gym will open soon, probably next month. He told his members that they can use it any time they want to. He was very grateful that we organized all different martial artists into one organization. He encouraged all officers to take their responsibility.

Closing remarks was given by Prof. Paul Sanchez, adviser of Tong Il Moo Do in Iligan city. It was a very successful program. Everyone left with renewed determination.  

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