The Words of the Mayo Family

Open Letter to All Brothers and Sisters from FFWPU Mindanao, Philippines

Grace P. Mayo
May 15, 2008
Mindanao Family Center

Dear Blessed Families, Brothers and Sisters,

May the abundant love of the victorious Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind be with you all!

This is to announce the holding of the Global Peace Festival (GPF) Mindanao on October 11-12, 2008 in Cagayan De Oro City. This will be an annual activity that will aim to transform Mindanao into a "Land of Promise and Fulfillment" by 2012.

Build-up Activities Leading to GPF Mindanao 2008

(Duration: April 01-September 30, 2008)

Events and Activities to take place:

1. Introductory UPF Seminar for ABC Presidents and the Launching of BFWP in every province which has already started in Misamis Oriental.
2. IRFWP Seminars for religious leaders to promote unity between Muslim Imams and Christian Ministers and to prepare them for the International Leadership Conference (ILC).
3. Leadership Seminar for youth leaders in preparation for Youth Power Assembly and University Student Peace Congress as part of GPF Mindanao.
4. Introductory UPF Seminar for Tribal Leaders in Bukidnon for them to be represented in GPF Mindanao.
5. Organization of the Martial Arts Federation for World Peace in every region in Mindanao which has started already with Region 10-Northern Mindanao.
6. Interviews of our Mindanao VIPs in local TV stations of ABS-CBN promoting GPF Mindanao.
7. PTARP Seminars for school superintendents, supervisors, and principals in every region in Mindanao starting with Region 10 to prepare them for IPEC Mindanao.

This is truly another great blessing for our country and the world. Let us fulfill our destiny as a daughter nation and give our sincerest support for GPF Mindanao and GPF 2008.

In line with this, we strongly encourage all brothers and sisters, owners of Cheon Il Guk living in Japan, USA, and Korea to contribute for the success of this historical event in any way possible. Let us again bring great victory to True Parents by supporting this event internally through sincere prayer, bowing, skip meal conditions and externally through providing manpower for mobilization, donating equipment for the event, and cash donations.

A Mindanao-wide mobilization is underway to fulfill the goal and expectation of True Parents for Mindanao and our country.

We strongly feel that so much is expected from our dear country and so much blessing is also bound to come to our nation. Let us continue showing unity and our support for True Parent's providential work in this era of settlement. Eog Mansei!

May God continuously bless you and your family.


UM Mindanao Leaders:

Cagayan de Oro (HQ) - Grace P. (Executive Director)
Davao - Noel Dacanay (Executive Director)
General Santos - Celso Y. Derecho, Jr. (Regional Leader)
Zamboanga - Joy Gadon-Suguita (Regional Leader)
Butuan - Eric Layno (Regional Leader)
Oroquieta - Paul Uba (Facilitator)
Iligan - Rey Dolendo (Facilitator)
Bukidnon - Rufino Gultia (Facilitator)
Pagadian - Mrs. Villagante (Facilitator)
North of Mindanao - Edgar T. Tanate (I.W.)
South of Mindanao -Prince Acosta (I.W.)

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