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ACLC Monthly Prayer Breakfast and kickoff Rallies for the 4th 120 Clergy Peace World Peace Tour

Bobby Maull
October 21, 2006
Indianapolis, IN

First Christian Missionary Baptist Church
Love All People Ministry
Indianapolis Family Church

On Saturday, October 21st pastors from different denominations, Ambassadors for Peace, First Christian MBC members and Family church members gathered for the ACLC monthly prayer breakfast to hear a special message of peace and to initiate the 4th World Peace Tour. Understanding the intensity of the times we are in, Father & Mother Moon initiated these tours to defuse the hostility and conflict between nations. After completing the 3rd world peace tour we wouldn’t have ever thought that a 4th world peace tour would be launched so immediately after the 3rd world peace tour. In one week the call was given to kick off the 4th world peace tour and the launching site would be in the Christian churches. Often heard in the Christian church as a scriptural cliché "Be ready in season and out" was surely the case and would the pastors be ready?

State ACLC Coordinator Minister Bobby Maull was the Emcee for the program and Rev. Dr. Damon Roach was the host pastor. A little over 40 people heeded to the call in such a short notice. VIP’s included: a candidate for Marion Co. Sheriff, Pastor Louis Gould – Road to Freedom, Pastor Ronald Johnson – First Macedonian Christian Church, Youth Pastor Joshua White, Pastor Dorise Fingers, Rev. Landrum Shields - Covenant Community, Rev. Linda Triggol -ACLC Co-Convener, Pastor Jack Harford - State Director American Family Coalition, Rev. Dr. Helen Walton – Grace Chapel Christian Church, Prophetess Monet` Beverly – Love All People Ministry, and Rev. Dr. Damon Roach– Founder and Pastor of First Christian MBC.

The breakfast started 9:30 a.m. with prayer given by Pastor Ronald Johnson who has been a long friend of the movement but had lost contact with us. This was a great time for the reunion and he was truly happy to reconnect over a hearty breakfast. This prayer breakfast was unique in that we have made it a part of the program to impart the Blessing. These rallies were also to impart grace, forgiveness, and new beginning. A special burnt offering ceremony was officiated by Elder Myungbin Mouton, our state Blessed Family Dept. representative. This ceremony was offered to everyone who was in attendance, They wrote their name on a piece of paper and those names were prayed over and burned in the holy fire with their commitment to surrender absolutely to the will of God completely and wholeheartedly from this day forward.

Another unusual but unique thing about the prayer breakfast was that normally the speaker for the prayer breakfast prepares their own message, but this was the kickoff rally to begin the 4th world peace tour and it was specifically requested that the pastors read the speech ‘God’s Ideal Family and the Kingdom of the Peaceful, Ideal World’ that would be given on the tour during the rallies.

Our state leader Pastor Jack Harford gave a PowerPoint presentation for the Ambassadors for Peace program titled: Universal Principles of Peace. The holy wine ceremony is always a wonderful and sacred experience being that this is the time we all become a true family through the change of blood lineage. This was officiated by Rev. and Mrs. Harford.

Following the blessing ceremony Indianapolis Family Church member Bro. Luther Mitchell read the chairman’s address of the Universal Peace Federation and a video presentation titled ‘Man of Peace’ was given to show the guests the tireless work of Rev. Moons ministry and the inauguration and highlights of the first tour of the Universal Peace Federation.

With three shouts of ‘speak the word’ the Rev. Dr. Damon Roach took the podium. As Rev. Roach began to read Father’s words you could feel the atmosphere in the room begin to change. At first the tone of Dr. Roach was at a steady level but the more he read the more he took ownership, and those quiet voices in the audience became filled with Amen, AJu and Hallelujah. Dr. Roach’s voice became thunderous during parts in the speech acknowledging True Parents as the King and Queen of Cosmic Peace and in other parts became subtle and sincere in the parts where Rev. Moon had been persecuted all his life in sharing the anguish of God’s heart. This was truly a Pentecostal experience for Rev. Roach.

After the speech was read the holy water ceremony took place and the blessing vows and declaration were given. Rev. Linda Triggol gave encouraging words to Dr. Roach and to all the pastors who haven’t joined ACLC to get on board. Appointments of 21 new Ambassadors for Peace were given out. Rev. Landrum Shields gave the benediction. After it was all over I asked Dr. Roach how he felt after publicly reading a speech of such magnitude and he said: "Now I understand a little of what it was like for Rev. Moon to give this kind of speech to 50 cities in 50 days. When I come back from this tour I am going to be a new man."

Immediately after the breakfast the 2nd rally was soon to start at 2p.m. on the west side of Indianapolis. Love All People Ministries was the host church founded by Hosea and Monet’ Beverly. Once again Minister Maull was the emcee for this event. Rev. Hosea gave the invocation with the true spirit of Christ. A praise and worship dance was given by Kelly McGuire, this was to inspire Rev. Linda Triggol who is still battling the fight of cancer. She did such a wonderful job; everyone was captivated and teary-eyed. Following that the burnt offering ceremony was given again for those who were in attendance and Rev. Harford gave the Ambassadors for Peace Presentation again. The holy wine always changes the atmosphere in the room and Pastor Hosea and Monet` were our representative couples who demonstrated the partaking of the holy wine. I invited Sis. Linda Wrice up to read the chairman’s address. She gave the address in a dignified and humble manner. The man of peace video was given again and now it was time to invite our next speaker up to read the founding address.

Prophetess Monet` always has a concerned heart like a mother does and truly you could feel Mother Moons heart as she read the speech. I was a little worried because earlier that morning her voice was gone due to her being under the weather, but as she spoke her voice came back and was filled with love and beauty. The holy water sanctification, blessing vows and proclamation were given by Rev. and Mrs. Harford. In closing was a blessing photo. Truly loving all people was shown that day. At this rally we appointed 4 new Ambassador for Peace, two of them being teenagers, so we look forward to seeing them blossom as peacemakers.

Coming up on our last Peace Rally you could see weariness in those who were supporting all the events. Our host church for this rally was Indianapolis Family Church. This event started around 6p.m. that evening. Members of the family church showed up with there support. Rev. Harford opened with prayer and Bro. Wayne Strautman gave us music. Once again the burnt offering ceremony was taken and all the names gathered for all three events that were not yet burned were offered in the holy fire. An Ambassador for Peace presentation was given and Susan Nishio, our WFWP state representative, gave the chairman’s address. The Nakaza family was our representative couple for the holy wine ceremony. The Man of Peace video was given. As elder members watched the video they really could see how far the Unification Movement has come and how big it has grown.

Rev. Jack Harford invited up Minister Bobby Maull to read the keynote address. As I began to read the speech my throat got dry very fast. I could feel how Father Moon must have felt when He gave the speech. I was a little nervous but I grew in confidence the more I read. I could feel the spirit world supporting me and the words began to flow smoothly. I was truly honored that I was asked to read the speech and to also join the clergy on the 2nd phase of the tour. I am very humbled and grateful. Rev. and Mrs. Harford gave the holy water sanctification, blessing vows and declaration. There were 7 new Ambassadors for Peace appointed. In closing we offered three cheers of Ok-Mansei, Victory for Heavenly Father, Victory for the King and Queen of Cosmic Peace, Victory for the Universal Peace Federations 4th World Peace Tour.

Special thanks to Sis. Linda Wrice, Bro. Wayne Strautman, Dorise Fingers, Lee and Haejin Nishio, the Iwamoto’s, Rev. and Mrs. Harford and all those who helped behind the scenes to make all the peace rallies a success.

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