The Words of the Matsuda Family

Love Nature Clean up with Hyun Jin nim

Koji Matsuda
February 23, 2009

Dear all international members

Thank you for your cooperation for success of GPF in Japan last year. As you have known that Hyun Jin Nim will come to Japan and speak in the Global Peace Tour organized by UPF on March 1 in Saitama.

Before this event, we are organizing Love Nature Clean Up Project in Arakawa to expand the culture of peace and service.

We invite international families to this special project on Feb. 28 (Sat).

Hyun Jin Nim will come to this program as far as we receive information. But there is possibility to change his schedule if he will meet VIP.

I attached the information of this program. You can send this information to your members and friends and partner. It is possible to participate as family but parents should be responsible for children.

We need to know how many members will participate in your group. Please receive their response and send numbers of adults and children to me.

We are looking forward to meeting you in this special program.

Attachments: Love nature clean up in Arakawa (pdf)

Thank you.

Koji Matsuda
Director of Love Nature Clean up in Arakawa. 

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