The Words of the Martinez Family

Interview of Renee Martinez

August 2011

My name is Renee Kyoko Martinez. Painting is a passion of mine. Inspiration comes with the unfolding of everyday experiences and the raw feelings that are birthed from them. I silence my cynicism during the creative process and I believe that no movement of the paint is a mistake. It's a surprise to me every time I finish a painting; I feel like it's a gift from life.

You have to realize that it is a total mind AND body exercise. I have heard that this is called "authentic movement", and I give power to that idea. Creating art is definitely my way of achieving some sort of mind and body unity.

Question: Please describe for readers your process for Gas Hog.

I sketched on raw canvas with carbon pencil, then I proceeded to layer on watered-down latex based paints.

Question: Where did you take from for inspiration for this piece?

Daniel Cutts showed me a sketch he did in mammalogy class and I got inspired to create this Gas Hog metaphor.

Question: Do you ever create art with other mediums?

Yes, I enjoy mixing watercolors and oils.

Question: Can you tell us what first drew you to this art-form and why?

I was drawn to art when I moved to a new high school. It was a good way for me to communicate with my surroundings.

Question: What are your future aspirations where the art world is concerned? Any long-term plans?

I will continue art as a form of expression for as long as I live.

Question: And what was your process for the untitled piece?

This is a mixed media painting with latex based paints, topped with spray paint and oil paint.

Question: And where did you take from for inspiration for that piece?

This has been a concept of mine for a long time, I'm not sure exactly what inspired me. However, in saying that, my passion for painting, good music, and energy drinks late into the night has helped me make it a reality. Here's a poem I wrote to go with the painting, if that's relevant. 

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