The Words of the Martinez Family

Our Beloved Sister Christine Martinez - Made The Transition To The Spirit World

Michael Jenkins
November 12, 2007

Dear Family,

We are at a time when God's providence is so serious. Another outstanding blessed wife and mother went to the spirit world on Monday, November 12 in Denver Area. Her husband Guillermo is a fine member and they were blessed in the Madison Square Garden Blessing.

They have two sons. Benjamin and William. Benjamin (23) is blessed to Hwa Jong and they have a 9 month old 3rd generation child, Zoe. Zoe has been Christine's joy. William is 21. Guillermo and Christine are a very faithful and loving couple and always supported God's providence. Guillermo went to Israel with me twice and supported the work for peace. He worked for Master Marine and then moved to Denver.

A few days ago Christine had an accident where she slipped and fell into a bathtub of scalding water. She had extensive third degree burns, she managed to call 911 and she was transported to one of the top burn units of the nation. On Monday, she went into cardiac arrest.

Hyun Jin Nim spoke with Guillermo last night and encouraged him that we prepare our whole life to go the spirit world and certainly Christine was prepared for such a time as this. He encouraged Guillermo to encourage his sons to live a righteous and holy life and that they build strong blessed families. It was beautiful that he could speak with Hyun Jin Nim.

Hyun Jin Nim told us afterward that all these fine members are going to spirit world at this time to set an enormous condition that the Elder Son Nation will break through now and that our movement flourish and grow massively so that America can be guided so as to lead the world to the Peace Kingdom.

More information will come on where to send gifts and the details on the Seung Hwa.

WIth True Parents Love,

Rev. Michael Jenkins
National Pastor

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