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Ambassador for Peace Awards in Ukraine

Jacques Marion
October 20, 2009
UPF - Ukraine

Kiev, Ukraine - The Universal Peace Federation held a “New Vision of Peace in a Time of Global Crisis” workshop as well as an annual award ceremony as part of the “Ambassador for Peace - 2009” program on October 20 at the Kiev Hotel.

At the workshop, Ambassadors for Peace had the opportunity to get acquainted with the main points of UPF's philosophy. Presentations were given on “The ideal of peace and the origins of existence,” “Fundamental causes of conflict,” and “Principles of restoration and peace-building.” At the end of the workshop the participants watched the “Determined Man” video, which enabled them to understand better the life and achievements of the UPF founder, Dr. Sun Myung Moon.

The current state of affairs in the world has proved that neither communism nor democracy is able to show humanity the way to achieve peace and prosperity. All throughout history people have been trying to achieve peace, but various peacemaking movements encountered obstacles and were defeated because they were led by imperfect people. The UPF philosophy proposes a new approach for solving conflicts and educating a new generation of leaders in order to secure lasting peace and human development.

The basis of this approach consists of the principle of three great subjects, according to which the first role of a human being is to becoming a true parent, that is, a person who has a parental attitude towards those for whom he or she is responsible. The second role is to become a true teacher, one who sets an example for others through his or her own life. The third role is that of a true owner, that is, a person who takes full responsibility.

Ambassadors for Peace shared their thoughts afterwards and emphasized the pressing necessity to organize more such workshops. They expressed a sincere desire to receive the workshop materials and share them with others. The workshop was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The workshop was followed by the “Ambassador for Peace - 2009” international award ceremony. UPF-Ukraine established this award to honor individual Ambassadors for Peace who dedicate their life activity to proclaiming and affirming universal human values, strong families, international and inter-religious harmony, UN renewal, socially responsible media, and building lasting peace around the world. They are outstanding individuals whose activity sets the model of life for the sake of others.

UPF-Ukraine plans to hold the award ceremony every year in order to publicize the activities of Ambassadors for Peace and expand the program to all spheres of society.

This year the Ambassador for Peace - 2009 awards were announced in the following categories: Educational activity, Public activity, Strengthening family values, Charity and philanthropy, and Peace-building activity.

At the event ten new candidates received the certificates as Ambassadors for Peace, thus entering the cohort of active Ambassadors for Peace and getting involved in the activities aimed at improving society, the country, and the world.

The “Ambassador for Peace - 2009” annual award recipients, current and newly-appointed Ambassadors for Peace were addressed by Mr. Jacques Marion, Secretary General of UPF-Eurasia; Mrs. Makino Sumiko, director of the “Sun” Culture Center in Japan; and Ivan Timoshenko, Ambassador for Peace and rector of the European University (Ukraine). Rector Timoshenko emphasized the importance of activities carried out by the Ambassadors for Peace and called on them to continue these efforts. At the end of the ceremony all participants were congratulated by “Het’man,” a vocal quartet made of national artists of Ukraine.

These events have made a good start to an important enterprise which, due to the efforts of numerous Ambassadors for Peace and the Universal Peace Federation, we believe will make a significant impact on Ukrainian society and the world. 

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