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Announcement of Internship Teaching English in Russian Children's School

Jacques Marion and Jeff and Young Tallakson
July 31, 2008

The Peace Academy elementary school, in St. Petersburg Russia, is looking for a native English-speaking Unificationist to spend 3 months in St. Petersburg teaching English to young children. This position is an internship for a student (high school graduate or higher) or a "retired" adult to work with children at the school, without pay, to gain through the experience of serving and teaching.

The main duty is to speak English with Russian children and instruct them. They already speak in English. This will be a labor of love, service and experience, because it pays no salary and will even cost you to come (air fare and visa). Simple accommodation and meals are provided in either a student center with CARP student members, or in the home of a blessed family. Teachers at the school will take responsibility for your care. The school staff expects that while here you will participate as part of a developing Unificationist community and share our life in Russia with us, and participate in other community activities such as Sunday meetings, holidays and other events. We can help you to learn Russian. There will also be conferences to participate in about education (i.e. School of Tomorrow certification program) and other conferences. (The School of Tomorrow is a well-known Christian education program from the USA, used in both schools and in home-schooling.)

Our school was established in 2006 as the first private school for children of the Unificationist community. It is also open to the general public. With a small but growing enrollment the school has proved to be attractive for parents who want their children to receive a multicultural education focusing on character education and English and Russian language skills. It is a laboratory for the character education programs of the International Educational Foundation (IEF) and the School of Tomorrow. The school is appreciated by our contacts as representative of the high ideals of the Unification Movement. Through the school we can explain well to our contacts what the Unification Movement is about.

In order to go to the next stage of development our school needs to have a native English speaking staff-member. It could be a young high school graduate or a college student; it could be an adult. We are not particular about one's professional credentials or experience teaching English; you don't have to be afraid if you have little experience teaching -- this is an internship to give you experience. We need a person who enjoys working with young children, and who appreciates the life of service and activities of our Unificationist community.

Three time periods are available: from September through November 2008, December 2008 through February 2009, or March through May 2009. We will arrange for a visa invitation, but you have to pay for the visa and airline cost. Living expenses in Russia will amount to about $200 per month.

It will be hard work but you'll enjoy it and come to love Russia.

Interested persons should send an e-mail about your qualifications, yourself and why you would like to take this internship of service teaching English. Send to the school principal Tatyana Nguizi.

If you would like to make a donation to the school, please contact Oleg Sergeev.


Mr. Jacques Marion (Regional Leader)
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff and Young Tallakson (RL 1996-2006) 

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