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Cain vs. Able represents Physical Mind vs. Spiritual Mind

Yulian Marianov
May 15, 2011

Cain and Abel, by Gustave Dore

Through bringing the inner human problem out, represented in the two brothers, God was trying to show us model for overcoming the power of the physical mind over our spiritual mind within ourselves.

The older brother was very capable but dominated more by his physical mind while the younger son was more spiritually devoted. The question now is if this struggle was finally and completely overcome.

I was just reading how "Hyun Jin sues his own mother". Mother's role in helping the younger son gain father's blessing is well known to us from the Principle. Historically up until now, we were not aware of the resentments this interference brought towards the mother itself.

Yes resentments lead to blaming. Some are accusing that this is a product made by Peter Kim, who was in fact trying to save what belongs to True Parents.

What's wrong with their brain, heart and conscience? Why all their logic is based on the physical mind? No wonder True Father called them Communists in his European speaking tour. Indeed, there is no difference between their thinking and the communist, external, materialistic thinking.

True Parents are the owners. So this court case is ridiculous. They own all these businesses and foundations, but someone tried to misuse this company for his own aims, so Joo and Kim tried to save what belongs to True Parents. The very court case shows that the one making it is already out of reasonable thinking.

But why do we witness such struggle in this providential time?

Let's not forget that spiritual laws are universal. When True Father scolds someone this is a test to the heart and the obedience of the person. This test is aiming to qualify him and separate him from Satan -- If he overcomes, of course. Only when he humbles, obediently, overcoming in his heart all the physical mind reasoning, is that he will get blessed enormously. It's a painful way, but the only way to spiritual blessing.

With what mind will one claim that True Father was mislead by others, who influenced him with false reports? That's equal as saying that True Father is stupid and ignorant. But in fact he is not.

I hope we all know the story of the mother supporting the younger son and the old nearly blind father... We all know that in this story what's really important is that the older brother overcomes the anger, self-centered reasoning and unites with full heart. Only this way he can cut Satan.

Of course, same as Lucifer; Cain and Isaac could find thousands of external reasons to accuse. Isaac could accuse his brother and mother for tricking his father. All of this is just expression of the external, physical mind reasoning -- exactly the one which they are supposed to subjugate and overcome within themselves, so that their hearts will be free to connect to God.

But in this case the feelings and resentment that have to be overcome are on cosmic level. This time the cutting off from the satanic reasoning is not to be overcome just symbolically, but substantially. That's why this fight is so strong. That's why it clearly displays the difference between the spiritual mind and the physical mind; each represented in one of the two brothers.

The very fact that such feelings exist in the older son is enough evidence that this restoration is due to be done. And as True Father said, it's their responsibility; we cannot interfere with it. As True Father said, he is training his own children. It is obvious to me that this process, though it might be painful, was due to be passed for the liberation of the future. And as usual it is a providential mathematical period of time, for which the evil forces will be allowed to torment him, until indemnity is set. 

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