The Words of the Marianov Family

Web Outreach Workshop

Yulian Marianov
December 13, 2010

As True Father explained, now educating and informing the society is easy and fast because of Internet. In his words, we should use it to create K.O.H. and even mobilize the spiritual world to cooperate.

Web Outreach News,

This Thursday we had 3 hour lectures on Web Outreach for the Zurich Community in Switzerland. We had 2 main lectures covering "Testimony about my model course in Bulgaria" and lecture on "Creative Internet Education".

We are now planning to create a united blog, where members can be registered as co-writers -- to share any news, issue, idea, facts, inspiration from Hoon Dok Hae, etc. that can be inspiring for outside people.

On Sunday we had one day practical course with few exercises on creative ways to create attractive articles for outside people. Every started a blog and learned the most important for designing it. Some created blogs in French, German, English, Spanish... That's the purpose -- spread it in all languages.

Internet can Help you Witnessing

If you meet nice people and create natural friendship, get their emails and use blogging to point them to interesting articles, news... by regular mails. This way you can expand your Internet Tribe, even beyond 360 spiritual children, in a year or two.

Thank you very much for your interest and support for developing Internet Witnessing. Feel free to contact me on skype or via mail. Any donation in support for developing Web Outreach Providence will be very helpful.

Become a Co-writer - Share Your Inspirations And Ideas
Post in a United Blog

I will prepare and design a blog where everyone of you can post and share any new, inspiration, idea.. for sharing interesting news and ideas with brothers and sisters. So please send me email with your articles, or contact me to include you as co-writer.

Love to see your creative ideas. Please send me if you created any interesting material... Could be some inspiration from Hoon Dok Hae, or nice quotes, or few important facts, or personal testimony. Read this one [] to get inspired. All will become visible in Google once I post it. Whatever people will search they will have the chance to read also our view and perspective. Society can be educated only if we give them the information! 

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