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The Spiritual Perspective On Witnessing

Yulian Marianov
December 5, 2010

Do you have the four position foundation to channel God's love and power in Witnessing? Is your spiritual mind subject, so that you can open the original mind in the people? Are you teaching their brain or opening their hearts?

Questions And Answers

Question: I have many doubts and not enough victory to be determined to witness "till the end". So how are you doing? What helps you to go on till the end?

Yuliuts: Your question about witnessing is very deep and important. I promise to soon write some article on that, that can help you see things from the spiritual perspective. Here I will mention just few points.

When your Spiritual Mind is Subject People are Moved

When our spiritual mind is on top we automatically feel who are the prepared people. We feel drawn to them, and they feel drawn to us. When our spiritual mind is subject, the four position foundation is there, God and the good spirit world can work, so everything is easy, natural and automatic.

You have to be the Principle Chanel so God can Work

If you read carefully the Principle, only when we make offering of "All things" (fundraising) God can allow us to reach mind and body unity (put our spirit mind as subject). Then we are separated from Satan and qualify to make the Substantial Offering -- Incarnation (Foundation of Substance) through Witnessing.

This means that first we restore within ourselves the Spiritual Mind to be subject, through successful Foundation of Faith. Then in witnessing our Spirit Mind stands in the position of subject to the Physical mind of others and we help restore them.

But in fact it means that the moment when the indemnity condition is acceptable to God, we are momentarily liberated from Satan and our spiritual mind is free to be subject. At that state we have the individual four position foundation so God can freely work through us.

Liberate their Spiritual Mind and they will feel God

Let me compare Witnessing with the parental responsibility. As parents our responsibility is the same towards our children. The spiritual mind of the small children is not able to control their physical mind's desires, so parents play the role of subject (Spirit Mind) to control and guide it. This way the children will develop correctly and naturally their own spiritual mind to be able to control their physical mind.

How Witnessing Removes the Fallen Nature

In this state there is no fallen nature. The four fallen natures come from the physical mind being subject, so the moment we help their spiritual mind come on top, they automatically are free to feel God, feel the truth, feel responsible. And most important free to act on it.

I hope you understand that in practical, not just theoretical way:

If you are not separated from Satan (Spirit Mind on top), you cannot help others separate.

Witnessing is not about intellectually teaching their physical mind, it's about liberating their original nature (their Spirit Mind.) so they can be free to feel God, not just learn some clever conceptual things about him (with their brain). Their brain will never connect them to God.

Few Humanistic Problems

The problem is many members never succeeded in fundraising to liberate their Spirit Mind. and stayed dominated by their Physical Mind, which is full with concepts, fears, worries... and always tends to reverse dominion on all levels (Subject / Object, Husband / Wife, Parent / Child, Internal / External, Vertical / Horizontal...)

Consequently many parents are not able to subjugate even the physical mind of their own children. Such is the case of Temper Tantrums -- where the physical mind of the child will become subject even over the parents. This kind of reversal of dominion is a clear sign that parent's left their proper position of subject, and now children are invaded by evil spirit world.

How it feels to have your Spiritual Mind on top

Let me shortly picture to you, the experience of having my spiritual mind subject. Wherever I go I would naturally meet prepared people. The moment I speak to them their Spirit Mind. opens and they feel so overwhelmed. I can just look at the person's hand and tell you if he is going to join, if he can feel and accept the truth directly, if he has strong ancestors that lead him towards God.

Question: As for my experience to witnessing to the person takes a lot of efforts, prayer (bows) conditions, letters ...

Yuliuts: Not exactly. You will find places and situations when people join very fast with seemingly no effort at all, and situations where it takes painstaking efforts and conditions and is still very difficult and some time even impossible. What is the reason? Why did I have spiritual children who joined the very day I met them or just a week after?

God works only where there is proper Four Position Foundation

If the Four Position Foundation is there in you and the church, automatically God works and no many conditions are necessary. When the Four Position Foundation is reversed, invaded, God and good spirit world are not free, so whatever efforts you do evil spirit world is still free to work. Everything is incredible spiritual fight and can be taken by Satan at any moment you loose guard. Not only this, but you'll be easily invaded by evil spirits and loose faith, loose heart, feel difficulties to pray and set the conditions properly and effectively.

This automatically means that you, your family or the church is not separated from Satan. There is some reversal of dominion. The four position foundation is not pure channel for God.

So that's another major problem. Is the local church separated from Satan? Once there is separation God and good spirit word can work freely and support this person growth, joining... If not, evil spirit world is free to invade as they wish, so no good members will join.

Now you understand that liberating people from Satan follows precise principle way. It does not just happen accidentally at a place and environment where God is not free to work. 

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