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Let the Truth Germinate

Yulian Marianov
September 17, 2010

Learn in few weeks how to do Web Witnessing.

Yesterday I found one negative article about us and quickly re-wrote it to a positive one. Look here. In fact we should re-write all the information on Internet centering on the Unificationist Worldview. We should re-write every negative article that we find in the Web. They give us the chance to see where and why people misunderstand us and help us fill that information gap adequately.

People so far had no choice, no positive information is ever given to them. There is no place or source where they can find it.

That's our responsibility, we cannot sit and wait for someone else to find out and correct our image in the society. We are the ones to do it. And we should do it fast. In our articles we should give enough facts and links to good and understandable information for people to see and realize the true picture.

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People make their conclusions based on the information they have.

When I re-write them I don't even mention the negative article, I don't attack or become furious. I only use their information as a springboard, to make even better research and provide people with good information resource. I serve people to find easier, better and full info. That's what they are looking for. Think about what I alone could achieve. I have around 30 blogs in Bulgarian language. More than 1000 outside people read my articles about True Father daily. More than half a million read them each year. In the last 10 months 10 people contact me that they want to join. This means that there are hundreds more out there who read them and are very, very inspired. Why? I simply gave them the information in a interesting and understandable way.

Turn even theological issues into curious news

I just translated one of my Bulgarian articles in English, "Second Advent: Through Birth", which includes good testimony about True Father as the Messiah and it's written for all curious people, not only those who know the Bible.

It's news and unraveling of some mystery, like "The Code of da Vinci". When people read that Nostradamus and other prophets prophesied about True Father it is good to give them the chance to compare with other revelations, Bible and other sources, so they can see the whole picture. People make their conclusions based on the information they have. So don't worry what they believe now, just give them the info in interesting and exciting way. I even use words that people often misspell, as key words to bring people to information. In blogs I'm free to do such things.

That is why Bruce Smith wrote concerning the use of internet technology for witnessing, "We all know that this it the "lighting flashing across the sky" time in history, and you are holding the bolt in your hand."

One sister asked me, what have I found out regarding "What and why people misunderstand True Father". This is a very good question and I can think of three obvious points:

1. Misinformation is the only information they are being given. And bad forces made more effort to spread it, while we stayed low.

2. Members published mostly for members, our materials are difficult for them to understand, so for outside people is impossible to conclude otherwise but to accept the false image "of a sect" that they are being told

3. My experience is that in fact very few young people are negative. They simply don't know us, so whatever interesting I tell them, they accept it with open mind. Especially the people with good original mind.

Now is a new time. Not only we can proclaim boldly about Father's mission, but I find that people show great interest and enthusiasm about this fact. Especially when they find that this Messianic claim is supported with facts, prophesies and actual deeds and results; especially when they find that the aim of this Messiah is undeniably good for everyone. Prepared people are automatically inspired about our vision. And when you reach to millions of readers you definitely reach to thousands of those prepared people. 

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