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Personal testimony: Jesus guided me to Rev. Moon

Yulian Marianov
September 15, 2010

My Personal Memories

My life in search of the truth. I experienced things that I want to share (This personal story, got very popular and was read by thousands of people. It sparked interest in area of spiritual experience that many of us were afraid to explore.)

I was not a believer. One night by chance, just out of curiosity, I prayed. Miracle happened. An amazing light filled up the room and I felt God's presence and love. I could sense all His pain from my mistakes and all the insults He got for us. I cried and suffered, because I still felt the warmth and the fear that seized my soul with this amazing experience. I encountered God, and I did not even know who He is.

I began to look and search, visiting many churches and other places. Every day I prayed, even though with simple request, "Please, Heavenly Father, show me what you want me to do?" Soon I began to experience amazing spiritual guidance. And the words of Jesus became a reality for me, "Seek and ye shall find, ask and you will be given!" The answer came in unexpected way.

The first meeting

A friend of mine told me that she was invited in an educational center. Hearing these words the Spirit filled me up and again I felt the incredible presence of God. Trembling, I heard the heavenly voice saying, "This is the answer to your prayers". And again I was filled with an incredible light and love; the same that I experienced in my first encounter with God.

The next day we went. Even from the door I felt the incredible love that was present among these people. I had no idea that they were followers of Rev. Moon. I had no idea that the famous Bulgarian prophetess, Vanga, as well as Nostradamus and the Bible had prophesied about him. But I could see the people. I could not even believe that such wonderful families could exist. Never before did I meat such open, natural and sincere people.

Before that I visited all kinds of churches, but everywhere I heard negative criticism and teachings against others. I could not believe when I found out that the followers of the teacher Moon are open to all people and religions. With our Conscience we feel the truth within our heart. Christians always tried to scare me that others were Satans. And I knew it is not true. My heart could not accept this negativity as coming from God.

Then I encountered negative articles about Rev. Moon. They fully convinced me that these are good people, who are doing something really good. All these negativities were complete nonsense, absolute reverse of the reality. I told to myself, "They should be very good people if they are so falsely accusing them." How could they be criticized for making playgrounds for children and other good things? " This further convinced me that I should personally get to know these amazing people and decide for myself.

Jesus revealed to me "The new name"

I was reading the Bible and constantly getting convinced that Reverend Moon has to be the Messiah. It is clearly written that Jesus will give his mission to another, who will be born pure like him. It describes that this child will be born in the east. It is said that this will happen immediately after the onset of communism (1917). And when that child grows bigger, the world will stand and fight against him; all that generation will reject him. Only those who are awake, who pray sincerely and have a pure heart; God will reveal to them "the new name" of the Messiah. Reading these things in the Bible, I had sometimes direct answers from God. I wondered why other Christians read but don't understand, listen and do not hear, look and do not see.

One day Jesus took me to heaven and said, "Yes that is true. This is the Messiah." But same like John the Baptist I could not believe it, even though I knew it was true and I could not deny it. The responsibility is ours! God can not make us believe or understand by force. Only if you pray sincerely and you'll understand!

Now I know. If John the Baptist had followed Jesus, then he would have understood. But he didn't follow. Today the Messiah is here on the earth and the parable that Jesus told of that day is being fulfilled. Jesus warned us, "If the invited ones (the Christians) would not come to the wedding of the Son of God", than God "will gather people from the street" (belonging to any faith). I was wondering how much this situation brings pain to God. How much it hurts Jesus, that his own followers, the Christians, are unwilling to follow Rev. Moon, whom he himself has called for this mission. Is that why Jesus warns, that many Christians will not have enough oil in the candlestick to see and accept the Second Advent? Is that why Jesus asked concerning the Lord of the Second Coming, "And when he comes will he find faith?" Oh Lord, oh Lord, why is it so hard for us to recognize those whom you are sending to lead us towards your ideal! 

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