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Nostradamus, the Korean Prophecy and the Bible

Yulian Marianov
September 14, 2010

Korean prophecy that started about 1000 years ago (Chung Gam Rok) and then reiterated and confirmed by many other scholars. It's content speaks of a Messianic figure born in Korea in our time. Those prophecies coincide with predictions about this man made by Nostradamus and the Bible.

The Messiah in the Korean Prophecy

At the threshold of 21 century are at the verge of the vast changes to come. The end of the world prophecies by the Mayan calendar, Nostradamus, Hopi Indians, the Biblical revelations and the Chinese I-Ching have all been well publicized. The Korean prophecy speaks of the coming of the Messiah (True Man):

Foolish people will not find it. The one who is to come will establish a foundation... and unify the world... in his latter years (2000-2024) he will accomplish the will of God and his couple will rejoice together.

He will unite Confucianism, Buddhism and Christianity and he will come as a true man... His way combines the fortunes of both east and west and it is like a new emerging branch.

The prophecies of the future world are intriguing when people realized that the prediction was verified after the event already has happened. All prophets were given the mission from God, to warn humanity about something. As Nostradamus concluded after all the visions of calamities and wars, "My hope is that by hearing this, people will awaken and will not allow the great destruction to come."

Therefore, the purpose of all prophecies is to lead humanity towards accepting the Messiah. So, most of the prophecies of the world are useless if they fail to prevent the disasters or certain unfortunate events from happening. The Bible for example, is full with such cases. Most of the prophets failed, they were killed, and people continued with their evil doings.

In this respect, prophecies are not for the purpose of the satisfaction of human curiosity, rather to prepare us for the future. People simply like to know what will happen, but in fact we should be eager to understand what God expects from us -- otherwise calamities will come. Reason for those failures was that most religions could not fathom the importance of the human part of responsibility in what is happening in the world. Therefore we are at the center of the providence. On us it depends whether we will bring blessing or curs in our future. Bad prophecies are just a warning of what will happen if we fail and to find out, recognize and follow the guidance of this Messiah.

This man will surely achieve his goal after enduring much difficulty. All people of the world must accept and uphold these words as God's own commandment. He is the one who comes to this world from Heaven in the last days, to save every person on earth

Accurately predicted the years of Japanese occupation

As any Koreans would have heard of it, there is a very well known Korean prophecy that started about 1000 years ago (Chung Gam Rok) and then reiterated and confirmed by many other scholars (for example: Kyuk Am Yu Rok) of the Confucian philosophy. Those Korean prophecies are very specific and elaborate in detail.

It is a well known fact in Korea that those books of prophecy accurately predicted, the number of years (36 years) Japanese would occupy Korea and then their eventual retreat.

The division of the Korean peninsula into North and South and the eventual unification of the two Koreas were also prophesied. It is obvious that this kind of prophecies could not be very popular to the ancient Koreans until those events actually happened because of its stressful content.

Basically the minds of the people of Korean peninsula are moving toward the unification. We don't know when it will happen, but if the books could predict the Japanese invasion and the division of the Korean peninsula, there is no reason to doubt the ultimate unification of the two Koreas.

The King who will come to Korea and judge all the evils of the world

There are much more materials in the book of the Korean prophecy that also tells about what will happen in the world in the "end" days. They also talk about the pandemics and the famine that will kill many people in the world. But the most glaring subject of all in the books of Korean prophecy is this specific mention about the King who will come to Korea and judge all the evils of the world. He will enlighten the world and bring the peace. The world after those pandemics and the famine will be bright according to the Korean prophecy.

The "chosen" one will come to Korea

I think what scares the people is that this Korean prophecy tells specifically that the "chosen" one will come to Korea. The Chinese prophecy also says he (the one) will come in the East. China is also located in the East.

The more details you study into this books of Korean prophecy, the more you will be surprised by learning how specific those prophecies are about the technologically wonderful world of the future and the family origin and whose descendants (the one) will be. There are many branches of groups of families in Korea with the same family name, so, normally Korean people would tend to specify who is the originator of their specific family branch called "bon juk" to find out if they are blood related.

The reason this person, "the chosen one", should be a man and not a woman is because the prophecy says he would be called "Chung Do Ryung". "Do Ryung" in Korean word means an "adorable young man of noble descent". And the originator of this family branch of Chung Do Ryung is repeatedly mentioned in the book of Kyuk Am Yu Rok.

He will revolutionize the world

It must be noted that this prophecy could possibly point to the founder of the Unification Church, Sun Myung Moon, who is today considered by millions to be the Messiah. This Korean prophecy without a doubt can promote the "legitimacy" of his religious claims because "Chung Do Ryung" born in Korea is supposed to be the messiah of the second coming.

There are few reasons for this conclusion: First, Sun Myung Moon's birth place was as predicted of the one, which is in the north of the 38th line, the region of which belongs to the area of the present day North Korea.

1. The holy man must be born north of the 38th parallel and his surname is Moon

2. He will also live in Japan and United States

3. He must have the experience of prison

4. He must endure a difficult life, receive ridicule and unjust blame

5. He is the one who will match and marry many god men and women

6. He is the one who marries again

7. He will establish his command post in the center of Seoul and provide direction to the world

8. He is the one who pursues the unity of religions, bringing them into oneness. Thus he comes as the True Man, a Second Coming of Buddha and Christ. He comes as the true parent of all the world's people.

Here, the compelling question is -- how a Korean man should come up with this mathematical solution that is the ultimate secret of the universe that can and will revolutionize the world. For the last 90 years, thousands of the brightest geniuses of the world entered, graduated and practiced in this field of science and tried to find the solution of this mysterious magnetic gravity that would liberate humans from the perpetual misery. For this kind of remarkable event to happen, some one or some books should have foretold in the past that this event will happen in the future in a form of a prophecy. Only then it will qualify you as being legitimate.

His legitimacy would be that he will not just call himself a Messiah, but really find this solution as it was prophecied to be that way 1000 years ago according to the Korean prophecy. I will use only those prophecies that are connected to our time and possible to understand.

The Prophecies of Nostradamus

And also see what Nostradamus wrote about the 40 signs to recognize the coming Messianic figure in his quatrain 75.

"So long expected shall never come
Into Europe, In Asia shall appear,
One Issued of the line of great Hermes
And shall be over all the Kings of the Orient."

If Nostradamus was biased by the necessity of boosting the pride of his own people, he would not have written such a quatrain, nor Kyuk Am would have written the shameful defeat of the Korean people and the occupation by the Japanese for 36 years if he was biased to promote the Korean agenda. Both records were written in their truthful visions of the future. The Messiah truly must be born in Korea.

Nostradamus predicts that the Messianic figure will bless thousands of families...

Nostradamus speaks of that person as coming under the name of "Moon". "He will unify the religious against the Red (The red communism)" (John Hog, 1988: Nostradamus and the Millennium). Moon is a Korean name and it's meaning corresponds to the expression "The Word of God". Thus it appears that the Korean prophecies, the Bible and Nostradamus are complementary in their predictions. According to the Bible, the Second Coming will come from the east, rulers and governments will stand to fight against him, but he will win (Revelation 19:19), and hi will have a "new name", which no one knows. His name will be 'God's Word' (Moon).

Bible: The Messiah will come with a "New Name"

Rev 19:12-13, "and bearing a new name that no one knew ... and his name was the Word of God. "

The Bible also says that his birth was just after the emergence of "Red Dragon" or the Red communism, who will try to kill him unsuccessfully (Rev. 12:5). The bible also calls him "The Word of God" which is the meaning of the name "Moon" in Korean.

Do we have problem to accept that this is no one else but Rev. Sun Myung Moon? By the way, who would like to be a King? Your 99 percent of the personal freedom will be gone by being a King. The fundamental meaning of being a King is that you are a divine server to the people. In ancient China, according to the legend, the first emperor known as the Yellow Emperor, Huangdi was the teacher of the crop cultivation. He served people by saving them from hunger when the people were entirely relying on the berries and fruits picked off from the shrubs and trees. The knowledge of the farming was the ultimate technology that saved the people from starvation in the remote ancient Chinese society. Therefore, the true King should not be a dictator nor a destroyer, he/she should be the teacher and the savior (server) of the mankind. 

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