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Information War: Bring our information front in Google!

Yulian Marianov
August 23, 2010

Hello from Bulgaria,

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Witness with the new internet technology

Rev. Yu explained that in this new era, we are to reach out to world... this task is no longer as difficult. We must invest all our heart... to reach out to today's youth... We can now witness with the new Internet technology, sending God's words to even a thousand people in an instant.

We have to realize -- Information and technology are taking over the world. You can post a message and through the "magic" of the Internet, people can receive it straight to their browser, Internet RSS reader, email, or on the website itself, as Nancy Jubb wrote: "With the advent of the eReader, this new Internet technology surpasses the role of print publications..."

Means of delivering information quickly

Rev Sun Jo Hwang, a Professor of Theology at the Unificationist Sun Moon University, also considered Internet as a missionary tool, and has promoted a Web site... the use of live Internet audio or video..

I always felt, that If I provide appropriate information in Internet, that can lead people to understand True Father's heart and vision, than good spirit world will mobilize and guide the prepared people. It is only natural; they want that and I will provide the channel for them.

True Father explained exactly that cooperation with the spirit world and stressed that we have to use Internet to quickly deliver information. Father was clear in his speech given on Leader's Meeting, January 30, 2001, through such system we have to overcome the multiplication of evil. Now we can do it quickly through Internet he urged:

Basically, we have to establish the foundation on earth with the support of the spirit world. Now, all the territory that has been occupied by Satan will become God's territory. So we have to establish a system... So far, Evil spirits, centered on Satan, have governed the Earth. But now... on earth things can happen much more quickly. On earth we have the Internet, we have means of delivering information quickly. In spirit world there is a community, and communication should go on between spirit world and earth. -- Sun Myung Moon

Let me provide two examples from Google search, that can show what is possible in that direction and where we actually are:

Just take a look at these Google searches If I could do that with my recent blog in English what can English speaking members achieve? People searching with key words like: "spiritual drawings", "bible moon prophecies" and they find on first page in Google my following articles:

Moon Sun Myung: Spiritual drawing: Maitreya Buddha is coming today ... <>

Spiritual drawing: Maitreya Buddha is coming today to bring the Golden Age ... Maitreya Buddha, Spiritual Drawings, Spiritual Message, revelation ...

Moon Sun Myung: Nostradamus, the Korean Prophecy and the Bible <>

Moon is a Korean name and its meaning corresponds to the expression "The Word of God". Thus it appears that the Korean prophecies, the Bible and prophecies of Nostradamus testify to Moon as the Messiah...

By searching: "negative criticism sun myung moon", someone found the following article:

Personal testimony: Jesus guided me to Rev. Moon <>

By Searching: "Nostradamus 2012 chosen one", someone found article that proves TF is the prophesied Messiah: Nostradamus, the Korean Prophecy and the Bible <>

One sad and scary fact

True Father's name is the most important key word in English. But we have not even one blog that shows in Google!!! Searching Google in English "Sun Myung Moon BlogSpot" there is not even one our blog that comes, accept my, of course -- though I just created it recently. All the other references in Google are to negative blogs. This is unacceptable failure from our side!

This is information war, and we didn't even start fighting it! We have to wake up! Internet has an enormous mass impact!!! As I wrote in Is Web useful for Witnessing <>, "It's the only way you can reach to the whole country and educate thousands through Hoon Dok Hae (God's word) -- That's our purpose, isn't it!"

Hyo-jin nim's Comments:

In his Sunday sermon at Belvedere on September 10, 2006, Hyo Jin Nim spoke how urgent it is to overcome the negative notion about Unification Church by providing people with information and thus educate the world:

For the purpose of immunization, detoxification and straightforward education. A lot of people still, to this day have a kind of [negative] notion about the Unification Church, "Moonies' that they still hold on to and that was influenced by broadcasters at the beginning of our ministry, in the early seventies.

And that is something that we need to detoxify. We need to provide our people with information.

We can bridge the gap... (and) create a positive outcome. We should always try (to educate people] and if it works, that's great isn't it? That's the way.

I think we can do it through education. Basically, that's the first step we can take on the twenty- first century platform. -- Hyo-jin nim

In Jin Nim explained that young people today prefer to read themselves on Internet and learn. She stressed that we have to change our way of witnessing and use Internet to educate the youth.

Please, understand how urgent it is

We have to listen to the words of True Father and In Jin Nim, on the need to use Internet to Witness. "To build the Kingdom of God I need to use the Internet technology", stressed Father. But we have to understand that we didn't do it so far. Our pages were mostly directed towards our own membership, not for witnessing to the outside world.

To understand why it is so important to win in Internet, please read my articles; Our message can reach to the people <>, and please spread the message to our brothers and sisters, We can FIGHT the Negativity in Internet about TF <>. We need this witnessing style in the era of coming CIG to mass educate and prepare environment for 2013, by making available and understandable information about True Father's teachings, work and great vision.

I guess many of you could read my story in the articles, The Power of Internet: Testimony of my spiritual daughter <> and also Results of Web Witnessing -- Astonishing! <> Please spread the news; let us start using this opportunity. The year 2013 is near and we have to win this information war in the Internet space. It is our responsibility, God cannot come and do it if you don't allow him to do it through you.

I hope to inspire and encourage second-generation members to provide the leadership in this area of development, including in producing and hosting new creative ways of using images, video, music, dancing, writing to promote our views through Internet and other media. 

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