The Words of the Marianov Family

Testimony - Results of Web Witnessing

Yulian Marianov
July 26, 2010

Our brother Yulian in Bulgaria is doing incredible internet witnessing. I hope some others can catch this mighty flame and make the "fire" even bigger.

By Yuliuts - Bulgaria

Few days ago unexpected thing happened. I was visiting old lady to bring her something. Her neighbor came by and asked me, "Are you still in this sect". With the next words I found out that she is not negative but inspired. "Oh my grand daughter wants to meet you. She is reading many things about Moon on internet and she is very inspired," she said.

A day later the father came and brought present for my 4 boys. He also said, his daughters are following everything about Rev. Moon on internet and are very inspired, so I went to visit them. The daughter started telling me the amazing story of what she was reading, what touched her and how it all happened.

The next day I visited them again and got to know the younger daughter, guilty for all of this. She was the one that found in the library of her father a book about us. She was fascinated and than with her older sister they started looking on Internet. This is how they stared following all the positive new information that was coming.

The most inspiring thing for them was the Blessing. All the idea about it, the matching, the testimonies of participants -- all seemed like a dream. After I gave them and their cousin a short lecture on Principles of Creation and God's Ideal, the question that was boiling within them came out, "Can I be educated and participate in this Blessing too".

What they didn't know is that two years ago I found that there is no positive information on Internet about us in Bulgarian language. When True Father was supposed to come, media searched internet and found out only the negative stuff. So I determined to change that. Since then I created around 30 blogs and Web pages. So all the positive information they were reading was from my articles.

The War of Ideas is Now Centered on Internet

Internet is like a place of ideological war. If we don't win there, we will never win the people on our side. That's a crucial information war. But for God and Satan, it is a war of good or evil reaching to people's minds. Unification Thought explains that our Inner Sung-sang (Reason) acts based on the data in our Inner Hyung-sang (Concepts). So if the information (data) is wrong, people will inevitably make wrong conclusion. But if people have the complete information, they will automatically come to the right conclusion.

This is the reason why Restoration is carried centered on the Word (the Truth).

That's why Divine Principle said that the Fall is in fact, a descent in Ignorance (of the Truth).

We know that the Conscience works based on "person's understanding of the Truth (Wright and Wrong).

That is why True Father initiated Hoon Dok Hae to reeducate the world.

Knowing that, you can understand why I have chosen to spend the last 2 years in writing thousands of articles about True Father and create around 30 blogs and web pages on different topics. As graduate of UTS I knew something that many members around couldn't fathom. In few years time I'll educate hundred of thousands of people. Witnessing one to one, I'll never be able to achieve that.

One Million Bulgarians Met True Father through Internet

Yes in this time one million Bulgarians have read some of these articles. But that's not what inspired me. I wanted to inspire them to see how great is True Father's vision, work and teaching. And the effort did pay off. Day by day I was witnessing this process. It was so astonishing that I couldn't believe it myself.

At my pick I reached 12,000 readers in one day. I could see that each moment, day or night, at list 20 people were reading in my pages, but in the pick times it could reach to 100, 200 even over 300 readers at the same time. That's Bulgarian readers - all my materials are in Bulgarian language. People were reading from more than 500 Bulgarian towns and villages. Many Bulgarians were reading from other countries of the world.

Next came the ripple effect. Readers who were inspired started posting the best articles themselves, thus reaching to thousands of their own readers and friends. Each time I checked, I could find at list few new places where people posted my articles. Amazingly those were mostly the articles with the prophecies about True Father being the Messiah, or my articles about True Father's teachings or their application in life. It's amazing to know that hundreds of outside people are helping voluntarily to spread the News.

All this time I was praying that God and the good spirit world will be able to lead all the prepared people to be guided, read and eventually come in touch with us. Some of our members were skeptical about my work, but I knew it is just a matter of time. Education is a process. Internet is what God needs, restored on his side.

The Results are Still to Come

Results started coming out only in the last few months. And I'm sure that's only the tip of the iceberg. I can only try to imagine what's still unrevealed under the water.

Few months ago, few people connected me with email. They wanted to support and become members. Their personal stories show the variety of ways how people can come to us through internet. So I'll shortly mention some of them. One of them is now regularly supporting at the Peace Embassy. She found few sentences about the "Sect of Moon" and "Mass Weddings" in the Bulgarian Child Encyclopedia. So she wanted to find our address on internet and came to my page. She wrote me and called to the Embassy of Peace. Soon she joined. 

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