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The Power of Internet: Testimony of my spiritual daughter

Yulian Marianov
July 21, 2010

The Power of Internet:

Today I had around 3000 visits on my blogs. Two articles were popular; one about "Jesus and Moon: Comparison"; the other article was, "Are We are Gay-Nation", which rouse a great discussion. That's like having our articles posted in one of the main national newspapers. The articles were in front of 50 000 readers. But some ask, "Can new members be raised through Internet Witnessing?" The answer is "Yes!"

Testimony of my spiritual daughter:

Few months ago she found by accident my article about True Love on my Internet page. She got touched and read more. Finally she got inspired and wrote me the following email:

"I want to join and support the Family Federation. I feel ashamed that previously I didn't know how great things Rev. Moon is doing."

I started sending her some materials and guiding her to read our books on Internet. She was writing me her questions and comments and I was explaining some details to make it more understandable to her. She learned to pray, she learned about God, she learned about True Father's vision. I visited her only once. Recently she had a dream, how True Father is like a white rose and we the members are like the red roses around him. That was a dream of how the world is going to be restored around the Messiah. Here are her own words:

"Dear Yulian, do you understand what you are giving me. To big degree what I've learned from you, transformed my concepts about God. Before reading the materials you were giving me and discussing though mail, I was thinking of God as one of Law and punishments. I didn't know that he is a God of love, that he is our loving Father. I didn't know that we are causing him pain. Do you understand, you've turned my heart and my spirit 180 degrees."

The Power of Internet Witnessing

Studies, statistics, reality and experience of others and my own personal, show the Witnessing Power of Internet. The words of True Father and In Jin Nim, on the need to use Internet to Witness say it best.

The truth is, as In Jin Nim said, that young people don't want to be lectured, but like to go on Internet and find out for themselves. In fact, whatever they hear or want to know, they will automatically go to Google and find out everything about it. There is one more interesting fact, if you didn't know, that people believe more when they read something, rather than when they hear from someone.

The Role of St. Paul's Letters

To understand how important is to write articles explaining True Parents' to the World think of the role of St. Paul's letters. They had enormous effect on Christianity. Why? At UTS we studied that there were many other missionaries, better than him, but he was the one who wrote many letters from his prison.

Letters were used to witness long before Unification Church appeared. I personally became Christian because of very heartistic letters with deep explanations. Now I have deep communications on internet with number of spiritual children. And their testimony is that our heartistic connection and depth of discussions helped them to understand God's heart.

Hoon Dok Hae should reach to the people

Giving a person Divine Principle, or Father's Biography is powerful witnessing tool. The biggest problem is the expense, time and the "follow up". Internet is a combination of giving the Word and continuous follow up through other materials, chat, emails, skype without spending money or the need to reach the readers one after another.

I have created around 30 blogs to testify about True Father's vision and words.

But some ask where is the actual connect between the spiritual parent and spiritual child? Oh, it is strong and it naturally leads those who are prepared to actual physical meetings, Workshops and physically joining the Church. The testimony of many of my Internet spiritual children testifies to that.

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