The Words of the Magnin Family

Prayer Request for Nina L Magnin

Michael Lamson
May 5, 2009

Dear Blessed Central Families,

Your prayers are requested for our beloved sister Nina Kamisgard Magnin. Nina died in a car crash in Nashville, TN on Saturday morning while on her way to work.

Nina L Magnin grew up in San Mateo Northern California. From her mom a nurse and her father a carpenter she learned early on to serve and love others. The second of a family of eight children she knew responsibilities. Cynthia Toffey a close Art college friend brought her in the Unification Church in 1976. She promptly went on the IOWC then volunteered for the National Fund-raising (MFT). She is a graduate of UTS class of 1981. Nina and Michele were matched in 1980 and Blessed July 1st 1982 at Madison Square Garden. Nina was then a CARP volunteer under Tiger Park and then Dr Seuk. She then came to work with Michele in W.R.I.S.T. God blessed Nina and Michele with Etienne in 1987 and Gisele in 1990. She participated in the Ukraine missions. They moved to Orlando, FL in 2005 to support our son's college studies. In 2008 they came to Nashville, TN where their daughter is attending Belmont University. Employed as a Team Leader at the Brentwood Target Nina took early retirement this past January. She was working at the Elysium Day Spa next to Target.

Nina is a "people person" very appreciated by her coworkers.

Today her body was moved to Woodlawn Funeral Home. Her SeungHwa Ceremony will be held at Woodlawn Funeral Home at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, May 6. The Won Jon Ceremony will be held on Thursday, May 7 at 10 a.m.

What is most needed during this time of transition are friends and family. Lets please pray for her safe, quick and happy transition to the spirit world and join together with our sister and her family on May 6th in Nashville..

Woodlawn-Roesch-Patton Funeral Home and Memorial Park:
660 Thompson Lane
Nashville, TN 37211

SeungHwa Ceremony: Wednesday, May 6

Wake: 4pm to 7 p.m.

SeungHwa Ceremony - 7pm to 8pm

Won Jun Ceremony: Thursday, May 7, at 10 a.m.

Flowers should be sent to: Woodlawn-Roesch-Patton Funeral Home Cards and any financial support should be sent to:

Mr. Michele Magnin
1111 Brentwood Trace
Nashville, TN 37211

Rev. Lamson 

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