The Words of the Magadeeva Family

130th Chung Pyung 40-day Workshop: Chung Pyung Experience

Gulfira Magadeeva
January 31, 2009

I was living in Taiwan before I came to Chung Pyung. I was experiencing a very heavy spiritual background like constantly having a strong spiritual pressure. I had internal difficulties and I did not know how to overcome them. Whenever I prayed I felt something like a wall disturbing me from achieving God's heart. However, through the Holy Song Sessions at Chung Pyung, I was able to not only clear my heavy spiritual background but realize my own fallen nature and repent about them as well.

The Holy Ground (Tree of Blessing) is so pure and has a light atmosphere; I prayed for a long time and couldn't stop having a conversation with God. There, it is so easy to pray with tears and feel God's heart deeply. I was able to renew my life of faith through that experience.

I received much heavenly guidance from the lecturers from the international office. The lecturer opened my vision and helped me to understand the opportunities that I have for the future.

Through Dae Mo Nim's words I deeply understood what kind of life style I need to have and how to build own life of faith. Through her speeches I felt a lot of blessings coming to me.

Before coming to Chung Pyung I suffered from strong allergy in my nose for around 2-3 months and couldn't breathe freely. No medicine could help. I decided to drink the Water of Life every day and prayed that I can recover.

Last week of my 40-day workshop I could breathe freely without any medication. My allergy just disappeared and I am so surprised because even doctors could not help me. This is really amazing.

I also had no power, feeling fatigue all the time, however, now I really feel that my physical body has gotten stronger. I am very thankful to Dae Mo Nim and Chung Pyung. I thank deeply for this workshop and all the activities here.

Gulfira Magadeeva, Russia 

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