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DEEP Origin Healing at Family Camp 2013

Bob Maddox
September 3, 2013

It was a great experience at the 2013 Washington/Oregon Family Camp in Westport WA. We had three DEEP Origin sessions. First, a circle on Saturday evening where we discussed varying degrees of development in the skills of "Listening and Self-disclosure." It was well received and I felt everyone was taking in the material and digesting it thoughtfully. On Sunday morning, with Janice's help, I gave an introduction talk titled, "Why Do the Work of Introspection?" where I introduced the value of personal process work. There was a good question and answer session afterwards and it helped me get even more clear on the value of this process in conjunction with positive psychology to nurture our original minds.

Later in the afternoon we had an excellent healing circle where people had some challenges as well as breakthroughs. I felt inspired by the serious investment of everyone involved and I believe we all felt the spirit of Heavenly Parents very strongly. The main insight I had from giving the talk is that it seems clear we can't afford to focus only on identifying and dissolving our fallen natures -- many people feel it's too depressing and discouraging -- but we can't afford to ignore them either. Therefore, a DEEP Origin Healing session needs to involve sharing and examining an issue with honesty until we can at it's root, then with the truth of Divine Principle seek to view it in an undistorted way, in other words view it's original intent; and finally we need to bring in the love of Heavenly Parents and acknowledge the original character of the person doing the process work.

If we can't recognize and love that original part of ourselves we will ultimately come to put up walls to defend ourselves again because living "undefended" is too painful without feeling the love of God. There were many other sessions at the camp; Dario Pisano gave a talk on "True Ownership" from a Principled perspective. David Coryell gave morning service on Prayer. Miyuki Pullman presented on the "Power of Words" where we found a lot of common ground material which we can incorporate in our healing sessions.

David Roberts Gave talks on The Divine Principle to some new guests up from Oregon, and there were talks by John DeGoede on "Aquaponics" and "Intentional Communities" and follow-up discussions could be heard on all variety of co-creation subjects until late into the night!

Through out the weekend the younger set enjoyed cards, volleyball, soccer, crafts, kayaking, dog walking, swimming, and other games that defy description, but clearly qualified as "fun"!

A special thanks to our hosts, the Wolfenbergers, Jon DeGoede for organizing and all the wonderful sisters who volunteered to cook such delicious meals, making this year's Family Camp a small piece of Heaven!

Bob and Janice Maddox

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