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DEEP Origin Healing Overview

Robert Maddox
October 12, 2012

The following is a brief description of the DEEP Origin Healing Process

DEEP Origin Healing is a form of emotional process work that uses the Divine Principle's explanation of the fall of man and fallen natures to understand our human personality distortions from a God centered viewpoint.

As children of heaven we inherit the true love and passion of God, and come into the position of co-creators by completing our own growth and maturity through our portion of responsibility.

However, the gift of our free will is a two edged sword, as we have all experienced. When we completely focus on what we set out to do, we have the capacity to manifest whatever our hearts desire. When we are distracted and point our desire elsewhere, our human 'will' obediently takes us in this new direction, and our goal is lost.

The problem, we know, lies in the root. Divine Principle teaches us about the root issues that consistently detour us; the fall of man, original sin, and fallen natures that derailed the train of our intention and hid from us our own divinity as a people.

By receiving the Blessing and creating a Blessed family, we strive to align with God and allow Heaven to grow and develop in our midst. However, we must still contend with the inheritance of fallen natures in our everyday interactions. Looking more deeply at how these energies impact our families and our environment, as well as our own personalities is the focus of the DEEP Origin Healing process.

As we set our mind on a purpose, we gain momentum to reach that goal by continued single-minded focus. If we end up changing our mind continually, we are not collecting this momentum, thus the spiritual world cannot easily respond to our intention and our efforts are lost in the "noise" of everyday unconscious impulses. The deeper reality calls us to invest with our authentic will. The time we spend investing in mediocrity takes away from what we truly value. We know intuitively that we have a divine purpose, but often it is buried in our hearts where we find it difficult to connect to. A rousing sermon or a good book or movie may stimulate our original desire for goodness, but often our surface thoughts and emotions actually contradict and conflict with our deeper core motivations, stifling our drive for success.

DEEP Origin Healing works to:

Acknowledge and examine negative surface thoughts and emotions, to see how they unconsciously develop, and begin to access the core emotions underneath.

Examine fallen natures and their associated personality distortions so that we can begin to recognize how these inherited energies have shaped us and actually work against our success.

Develop the skill of an objective observer while still being authentic and present with those around us.

Illustrate how destructive cyclical patterns perpetuate our dysfunction.

Regain our free will by recognizing choice in the midst of conflict or breakdown in relationships

Help us gain a dominion of love in our lives and our relationships

We all are passionate people, but many of us are locked in the struggle for survival against past issues of conflict, neglect, or abuse. Transference of our emotions can misdirect our energies and keep us tied up in the past. This unconscious conflict can drain us of our passion, making it difficult to invest in outreach or other worthy endeavors. To quote Henry David Thoreau, "Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them."

If you seem to have lost the passion for life it can be found again in only one place -- your own heart! 

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