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MentorMedia Studios: Call for Second Generation Artists

Bob Maddox
April 30, 2007

This is an exciting opportunity for the next generation of artists, animators, writers, web designers, and musicians. We need your skills!

MentorMedia Studios is creating a one of a kind educational DVD-Rom with games, music, animated characters and more. "The Value of Service; Searching for the Heart of Creation". This 3D animated game will be for youth ages 8-12. It can be used as a teaching tool to inspire and encourage the next generation to think more deeply about the heart of God, humanity and themselves in the context of the world. It is the first in a series of multimedia educational titles.

What is MentorMedia Studios?

It's an online digital media mentoring environment designed to facilitate collaborative content development with a focus on reflecting the heart of the Creator. (Whew!) It's intended to be an online space where we can work together and learn from each other. It is being initiated by myself, Bob Maddox.

Grant funding

For our first project "The Value of Service; Searching for the Heart of Creation" I recently received a grant from the Center For Education in Barrytown NY. Special thanks goes to the steering committee for having the vision to grant the seed money that has facilitated the beginning of this project. Thank You!

Anyone is welcome to view the project site. To join the site visit:

and put in the key phrase: Value of Service Internship

What we offer: Internships from 4 hours a week to as many as 15 hours a week. Training in specific areas is available.

Computer experience is helpful but not a prerequisite; we need vocal artists and musicians to record audio tracks as well as writers to generate dialogue for different scenes in the storyline.

Those who do use and know computers can be a valuable resource in web design, animation, Flash programmers, 3D landscape artists, Photoshop and more.

For your participation you will in turn receive:

Clear art direction and instruction to help you get involved and contribute to the Value of Service Game project.
Critique of your work that will help you grow as an artist and allow us to work together to develop a professional quality game title.
Full credit for your work on the DVD. This is an excellent opportunity for you to begin creating a resume in game design and digital arts.
You can also request a reference from MentorMedia Productions based on the quality of your work. This is a chance to work together with other artists and develop production level skills working on a product of with great potential.
You will receive a copy of the final product to use as part of your portfolio.

Thanks for your interest! I look forward to hearing from you or some young person you know who is interested in participating in developing this game on altruistic service.

Mentors needed!

If you are an adult with skills, interest, experience or passion in the areas of multimedia, game design, service, music, art, or online community development, we need your contributions and welcome you to participate in the project. You can contact me by email or join at the above web address to find out how you can participate.

This project as well as the web site is a work In progress. I will be adding a lot in the coming weeks. So if you have any difficulty getting on the site or any feedback about it Please let me know so we can make this great experience for everyone.

Bob Maddox
MentorMedia Studios

To view my online portfolio and resume go to:

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