The Words of the Lozano Family

Responsibilities of Parents and Children

Armando Lozano
November 21, 2009
UPF - Spain

Madrid, Spain - The ninth conference in UPF-Spain's Marriage and Family Initiative Series was held November 21 at the Peace Embassy in Madrid. The theme was the Responsibility of Parents and Children in the Family.

After opening remarks by Mr. Armando Lozano, Director of UPF-Spain, Mrs. Gloria Juste, President of the Women, Work and Family Foundation, spoke about the importance of communication and dialogue among the members of the family as they accomplish their different duties. She emphasized the importance of cooperation.

Ambassador for Peace Mrs. Rosario Zanabria. President of the Ari-Perú Association, offered interesting comparisons between the family traditions of Peru and of Spain. Then Ambassador for Peace Mrs. Violeta Cedano, President of the Womade Association of the Dominican Republic, described the friendly, loving culture among families and neighbors in her country, where people look for ways to be helpful to each other.

Mrs. Mercedes González, Coordinator of the Family and Marriage Initiative, spoke about the Responsibility of Parents and Children in a Family. She gave a PowerPoint presentation that included advice by Dr. Sun Myung Moon about family relationships and responsibilities, including the spiritual dimensions of preparation for conception, conception, and pregnancy.

She continued with a presentation about the root of the Middle East conflict, elaborating on proposed solutions and concluding with a prayer for peace. Mrs. Cristina Villar, a teacher and elder of the Mormon faith, shared a few words about this biblical conflict and the calling of people of faith to serve as bridges in seeking a resolution. Seven representatives from the Catholic, Mormon, and Unificationist traditions offered sincere prayers. The program ended with traditional Peruvian dances by the Roots of Peru Association.

Each of the presentations was unique and educational. Over refreshments, people shared about their experiences during the seminar. Many commented about the importance of the peace education being offered by UPF and said they value the opportunity to participate in inter-religous prayers to resolve conflicts around the world. 

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