The Words of the Lowery Family

Testimony by Rev. Antonio Lowery

April 13, 2007

Truly one of the greatest memories from my entire trip in Africa, was my experience in the DRC with Vice President Kabila. It was during this significant meeting, that I was able to fully comprehend the profound meaning of our presence in Africa. We had an opportunity to sit and have quality time, sharing our personal lives with him, and learning first hand the real issues and history of the country.

We all shared our testimonies ranging from our relationship with God; our professions; family backgrounds and anything else we were compelled to talk about. It still amazes me today, that Vice President Kabila was so open and candid with us and thoroughly genuine in his resolve to know more about the World Peace Tour and how it could benefit Africa.

He shared that he was a believer and that he was a praying man. He also shared with us that he had a large group of soldiers that were ready to take up arms to fight against the corruption and oppression. His purpose for inviting us was to search for some kind of reassurance that peace was attainable, although at the moment it seemed impossible. We shared with him some of the basic tenets of Father Moon’s Peace Talk that we were delivering and that all the principles therein were based upon the Bible.

We encouraged him that if he continued to have faith and allowed peace to govern his decision making process, that God would surely honor his efforts. I personally explained to him that I believe that he has such a strong spirit of leadership that he should not overlook the fact that he could some day soon be the President of the DRC.

Truly, this was a revolutionary time and a surprising opportunity to have an even greater impact than we ever imagine. This was important to him and I believe that it was important enough to us that we should consider sending some Ambassadors back to DRC to spend some time sharing with him; praying with him and following up with our initial conversation about the message of peace.

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