The Words of the LeRoy Family

Men's Brain and Women's Brain: Boxes versus wires, Handling Stress

Alain and Siew Lian LeRoy
September 1, 2008
Oakland Family Fellowship, Oakland CA

This month our family fellowship topic was: Men's Brain and Women's Brain: Boxes versus wires, Handling Stress. It was so hilarious; all of us really enjoyed the content and gained deeper understanding of the differences between each other. As we all laughed, we hoped to learn and to be able to make real positive changes to our marriages and relationships with each other.

There were 15 adults and 7 children all together. While the couples and adults members of our group enjoyed the video clips and had questions and answers, the children were on their own small group setting, playing with each other in the next room. What I liked most is that there were opportunities for everyone to speak and share, and this made the atmosphere very warm. There was a lot of give-and-take among us, commented Gloria as we ended the session.

We ended our fellowship with a delicious potluck dinner. As we sat together and enjoyed the delicious home-cooked dinner with everyone, we continued to nourish each other through reflecting through the contents of the video in our conversation. There were such a warm family atmosphere, we even had three generations of father, daughter, and niece and another generation of mother, son, and grand-daughter among us this time. All of our children were having a good time among themselves as well. We really could see how small group fellowships can help us get closer to each other and even bring healing in some relationships

Alain and Siew Lian LeRoy
Friends of Oakland Family Fellowship  

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