The Words of the Lalonde Family

Testimony of Hyun Jin nim's 12 City Tour

Cathy Lalonde
February 23, 2007

Before the speaking tour, my relationship with Hyun-Jin Nim and True Family were secondary compared to my love and utmost respect for True Parents. To me, there was absolutely no one who could compare to True Parents. However, when I found out that this fundraising condition was centered upon attending and traveling with Hyun-Jin Nim, I determined to cultivate a heart of attendance within myself so that I can have the same heart and love towards Hyun-Jin Nim and Jeong Sook Nim the way I do towards True Parents. I already knew of the hardships and challenges True Children have been through and I really do sympathize for them, but the connection, heartistically, wasn't there.

I set conditions to pray and study about True Family, and Heavenly Father told me to just visualize and see True Parents in their children, their fruits.

Throughout the tour, seeing Hyun-Jin Nim every morning and every evening, I was so inspired and moved by how much Hyun Jin Nim invested more and more from one city to the next. It seemed to me that the more he started losing his voice, the more energy he invested into the next city. When he spoke to STF and when he made eye-contact with all of us, I felt like our relationship with him grew more personal and so much closer. I could deeply understand Hyun Jin Nim's hope for all of STF and Blessed Children. We, together as a family can impact millions of people the way True Parents by themselves impacted millions of people. I could sense Hyun Jin Nim's desperate heart to realize God's Dream right away for he wants God's heart to be comforted as soon as possible.

By the end of the tour, my experience solidified my life of faith more than ever. I know without a doubt the True Parents and True Family are the ones chosen by Heavenly Father Himself to bring about the ideal world. True Parents are the Messiah and True Family are the ones who will, without a doubt, carry on the work of the Messiah because when I look at True Parents, Hyun-Jin Nim and Jeong Sook Nim, I see the ideal family God longs for each and everyone of us. This is the ideal and this is what I want to devote my life to. Thank you so much Hyun-Jin Nim and Jeong Sook Nim for this life-changing experience that I will always be grateful for.

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