The Words of the Kumagai Family

Letter from a Recent Graduate of UTS

Shuichi Kumagai
April 2009

Dear Dr. Hendricks,

This is Shu… Shuichi Kumagai. I graduated from UTS two years ago... Do you remember me?

Just now I expressed my heart and offered my donation to my beloved UTS because heard that the situation on the Barrytown campus is not easy right now. When I heard it, my heart became so painful. UTS is the place I studied and where God and True Parents loved me and gave me so many blessings.

So I want to offer something, the best I can do for UTS, and so I offered a donation through the UTS web site. Even though what I can do now is a very tiny thing, I am certain that UTS is needed for our entire Unification Movement and for people who guide and lead the world to reach the better place, God's ideal world and the interfaith movement.

Therefore, I made my best offering. What I am now was made by my time at UTS. I will keep on doing my best and offering my everything to God and UTS. Please, never forget that people are supporting UTS, including me.

I am planning to earn a doctoral degree in theology in Korea. So, I am preparing for it by studying Korean, getting background information and building a financial foundation. I want to investigate other religions, interfaith activities, theological and spiritual issues, and True Parents’ teachings in Korean directly.

I feel God guides my way. I know I fall short of the spiritual, religious, pastoral, educational skills and knowledge necessary for my family’s missionary work for the interfaith movement in Oceania. That stirs up my heart and curiosity to learn more.

After studying in Korea, as an educator, a pastor, and a blessed family representative, I really would like to take action to help the world go forward toward a better place for the sake of the next generations. My goal is something like that.

I spent precious time at UTS with the wonderful professors, the staff and my classmates. And I really could benefit in the growth of my personality, talent, ability, creativity, experiential base, spirituality and so on.

I believe in what I gained at UTS, and I keep on growing up and studying everyday.

I am looking forward to seeing you again...


Shuichi Kumagai
UTS class of 2007 

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