The Words of the Kueaphet Family

Dae Mo Nim's Care for Pregnant Sisters

Sutthima Kueaphet
November 11, 2007

I came to Chung Pyung to attend the 40-day Workshop in preparation for my child. I had intentions to give birth at Chungshim International Hospital.

Everyday schedule at Chung Pyung is not so easy, especially for pregnant sisters, to wake up at 4:30 am, go to the Holy Ground and doing other activities. I am always tired but I try to complete my responsibility and I did it for my unborn child. Also, during dedication I tried to do my best.

I sincerely prayed to God to give me a spiritual experience before I end my workshop. Finally, on the 2nd last day of the workshop, Dae Mo Nim gathered all the pregnant sisters and spoke to us. I really felt her love and care for the pregnant sisters at that time, and I sincerely wanted to talk to her personally. However, there were many pregnant sisters, with questions, attending the 118th 40-day Chung Pyung Workshop and there wasn't enough time for me to go up to her and ask some questions.

That night, however, I had a dream that Dae Mo Nim came to me and put her hand over my womb. She smiled at me and said, 'Oh, you will deliver soon (that time I was in my 9th month)'. It was great to see the love and care that Dae Mo Nim shared to the pregnant sisters and also knowing that she understood my feeling was precious.

I really thank for God and Dae Mo Nim from the bottom of my heart.

Sutthima Kueaphet
360,000 Blessed Couples

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