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Day of Families Observed throughout Russia

Konstantin Krylov
May 15, 2013

Observances of the International Day of Families 2013 took place throughout the Russian Federation.


An unusual lesson dedicated to family values was held at gymnasium? 8 in Khabarovsk for first-grade students on the International Day of Families. Children discussed two questions: What is the purpose of the family? and What can help create a strong family? They described how their mother and father love each other and their children and how happy they are in the family. The first-graders gave some deep, adult-type answers, for example: "Without the family, life would not be possible" and "the family is our protection."

After the discussion, children made small houses of colored paper, where they "settled" all the people who are dear and close to them. Some children painted portraits of their relatives. What is most important, the children learned that to create a happy family, both parents -- father and mother -- are needed. Participants expressed a longing to see more and more strong and happy families in the world!


An interregional conference entitled "Everything begins in the family. Everything begins with the family," related to the International Day of Families and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) took place on May 15, organized by the association of non-commercial public organizations of Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk, and Moscow, and by members of the interregional Council of Families.

The object of the conference was to compile the family traditions related to lifestyle, health, and creativity through the prism of the Millennium Development Goals, social integration and intergenerational solidarity. Participants adopted proposals for family policies to be presented to the executive and legislative authorities of the Novosibirsk region, the Federation Council, State Duma, the President, and representatives of the leading parties.

Fifty representatives of the education, health, culture, science, business, non-profit organizations, media, students, and parents participated.

The report "The Time to Know the Real Value of the Family" and progress reports concerning three MDGs: reducing poverty and hunger, universal primary education, equality of men and women rights, and extension of women's rights relating to the world family and the regional family, were presented at the first session. The panelists submitted their proposals for the draft resolution, which were discussed and finalized in the course of the work in groups.

The second session featured the program about the Family as the School of Love and three presentations on MDGs also directly related to the family issue: reducing child mortality, maternal health, combating HIV/AIDS and other diseases. The proposals of the speakers were submitted for discussion in groups.

During the third session, the report Traditional National Culture -- An Environmentally Optimal Basis for Improving the Spiritual and Physical Health of the Family, was followed by four speeches related to MDGs: ensuring environmental sustainability and global partnership; social integration; and solidarity of family generations. This session was enriched by the emotions, poetry, and Siberian folk songs of the veterans' choir May You Live Long!

The fourth session was working in small groups to discuss the proposals for the draft resolution of the conference. Three teams, composed of grandparents, parents, and future parents, discussed the proposals and complemented them.

The closing ceremony of the conference was attended by all participants representing three generations. Inspired by the result of joint work participants, created a carpet of national flags to express their best wishes for peace to the families of the whole world, represented by the multicolored circle of those flags.

Other conference organizers included the Novosibirsk Women's Initiative Creative Association; UPF-Siberia; the Siberian Academy of Traditional Folk Culture; the interregional public organization Creating and Preserving Families, the Family Ark Center for Family Development; and the Siberian Regional Center of Complex Skazkoterapii (therapy through fairy-tales).


On May 15, UPF activists decided to bring joy to the inhabitants of the detention center for young women in Lgov who, by the force of circumstances, found themselves in a difficult life situation. The question arises: who is to blame for this? First of all, it is the fault of adults who broke the lives of the girls.

The Chairman of the Ryazan regional public organization "Teachers for spirituality and morality" and representative of UPF, Ambassador for Peace, L.P. Shmakova, gave a frank talk with the girls on "Family as the School of Love" and presented to each one a set of books, "I Am in the World of People," accompanying the gift with good wishes. The meeting was a great success! The girls asked them to come more often.

That evening there was a party on the theme "The Family as the School of Love." This wonderful date offered an opportunity to reflect on the role of the family in each person's life, and what one should do to make it happy and healthy.

L.P. Shmakova, chair of Ryazan regional grassroots organization "Teachers for spirituality and morality" and representative of UPF, explained that the family in Russian means "I seven times" reflecting such aspects as: faith, hope, love, wisdom, courage, temperance, and justice. These qualities should be formed in the family, developed at school, and accompany a person everywhere, in all circumstances of his or her life. Family provides the foundation for moral education, which should be carried out purposefully, both in the family and at school.

L.P. Shmakova offered her concept for a school of moral and ethical education "From Heart to Heart." Then people of different nationalities, religions, and ages sang, recited poems, and danced, among them representatives of India, Germany, Russia, Ossetia, and Azerbaijan. The three-hour program inspired all participants of the event.

St. Petersburg

This year, UPF in North-West Russia organized a family competition on the theme of "My family." Among the participants were families from Kondopoga, Kirishi, Novosokolniki. Three outstanding families were selected:

The Repin -- Orlov family from the town of Kirishi (Leningrad region) recognized for the work related to the family's history and its roots

The Vorobyov family from the town of Kirishi (Leningrad region) for interesting story in poetry about their family

The Kurmelyov-Ivanov family from the town of Novosokolniki (Pskov region) for their creative way of describing their family's traditions and norms

The winners were invited to visit St. Petersburg and participate in the festival "Father, Mother and Me -- A Happy Family!"

Unfortunately, not all the winners were able to come. However, awards will be delivered to all.

The winners joined students of the private school Peace Academy on a guided bus tour around the city. They drove along the main street -- Nevsky prospect, admiring the famous sights; they wandered near the Spilled Blood Church and admired its unique mosaics. From the spit of the Vasilevsky Island they admired the Hermitage, the Peter and Paul fortress, and the beautiful Neva River. They were told the history of the Rostral columns and the Stock Exchange building.

After the tour, the winners went to one of the most beautiful and famous places in the suburbs -- Komarovo village -- where they were accommodated in comfortable rooms of the Writers' House.

In the evening, the participants were introduced to each other. Then followed the "Parents' Podium," where parents told about the traditions of upbringing children in their families.

They watched the movie "The Legend of 17," which perfectly reflects the moral attitude of Russian youth about setting goals, achieving success, and working for the benefit of our motherland.

The next day at noon, they were joined by the Mikhailov family from St. Petersburg for a program consisting of merry contests for all family members: throwing chocolates into a basket; searching for members of their 'pack,' where 'leaders' had to scream, bark, buzz, croak, and even howl in call everyone together; competition about knowledge of fairy tale characters; word games; academic knowledge; and competition about knowledge of football players' names. The second part of the program was an outdoor game under the pines and birches in the warm sunshine.

At the end of the event, all participants received awards for participation in competitions, and winning families received diplomas and souvenirs.

In accordance with UN General Assembly resolution, people all around the world celebrate the International Day of Families. In the Russian Federation this date has been celebrated since 1995, and 2008 was proclaimed the Year of Family by the decree of the Russian Federation President.


A celebration of the UN International Day of Families took place in the Regional Nekrasov Library of Vladivostok on May 15. Peter Tarasov, head of the Primorsky branch of UPF, was the MC of the program. Among the participants were representatives of public organizations and educational institutions.

In his welcoming speech, Alexander Sheryakov, head of the public organization Patriot of Primorye, stressed the importance of youth associations and volunteering with orphans, who have been deprived of parental warmth. He also said that healthy families are important for creating a progressive society.

A professor of the Far Eastern Federal University, Galina Folippenko shared her experiences working with young people and their parents in camps. Listeners were touched to tears by her story about improving parent-child communication. While at camp, children are encouraged to reflect on their family experiences and write a letter to their parents. Not all children show their reflection letters to the addressees, but when they do it helps establish communication and mutual understanding among those who had not had a close relationship.

Psychologists have found that many problems in the modern family can be addressed through healthy and sincere parent-child communication, with the assistance of qualified professional teachers.

The Secretary General of UPF-Eurasia, Konstantin Krylov, gave a review of UPF's recent programs and urged participants to support the recently-established UN Global Day of Parents, June 1.

Representatives of the Baha'i community in Vladivostok, Ludmila Ivanovna and Tatiana Nikolaevna, shared about the family values that are cherished by all world religions. They said that marriage is blessed by Heaven, and presented educational materials on the development of moral values and good qualities in children and adolescents.

Vladimir Kuzmin, founder of the tourist complex, read his poems about love in the family. He shared his own experience about the father's role in the family.

After the main presentations, the participants discussed raising children. A teacher with many years of experience described witnessing a student meeting his mother after a long period of hostility. She invited them to hold hands. Although it's been many years ago, but she can never forget the moment when they turned to each other, embraced, and cried.

The meeting marked an important step in uniting non-governmental organizations in strengthening the family. It also served as a stepping stone in support of the Global Day of Parents. 

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