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Global Day of Parents Theme of Moscow Conference

Konstantin Krylov
April 24, 2013
UPF -- Russia

Moscow, Russia -- An April 16 conference in Moscow on the theme "Towards the Global Day of Parents" addressed issues of effective interaction between state and non-governmental sectors in implementing educational youth projects, promoting family values, and advancing the social status of the family.

Last year, UN General Assembly Resolution A/RES/66/292 established the Global Day of Parents, to be celebrated annually on June 1. The General Assembly invites the member states to join in celebrating this date in conjunction with civil society, in particular with young people and children.

In the opinion of many experts, in the Russian Federation, now as never before, the challenge of strengthening families as the basis for the integrity and stability of the state is especially urgent. This issue was given special attention in the speech of the Secretary General of UPF-Eurasia, Konstantin Krylov. He also shared about a variety of UPF programs, both in Russia and abroad, aimed at strengthening the traditional two-parent family of a mother and father raising their children as the core institution for transmitting values to the next generation.

Konovalova Olga Vadimovna, Ph.D., head of the Department for Scientific and Technical Support for Communications between the Education System and the Community at the Academy of Social Management of the Moscow region, emphasized the importance of the parents' role in educating their children. In the big cities, this seemingly obvious issue is becoming more and more problematic due to excessively busy schedule of modern parents. Dr. Vladimir Petrovsky, senior researcher at the Institute of the Far East of the Russian Academy of Sciences, urged participants to consider and adopt a declaration in support of the Global Day of Parents. Without heated debate, Ambassadors for Peace and representatives of educational, public, and youth organizations unanimously supported all the important items of the declaration.

Participants agreed on the importance of supporting family values not only through such meetings but also through concrete programs and activities, some of them already planned by the Universal Peace Federation to be carried out in the near future. 

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