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UN Day Observed in Moscow

Konstantin Krylov
October 24, 2012
UPF -- Russia

Moscow, Russia -- A UPF meeting commemorating UN Day took place in Moscow on October 24, the anniversary of the adoption of the UN charter in 1945. The leader of the UPF-Moscow chapter, Dmitry Samko, was MC for the event.

At the beginning, Young Ambassador for Peace Elena Kolesnichenko shared about the problems of the youth, the potential of youth movements, and the cooperation of youth organizations toward fulfilling the UN Millennium Development Goals.

Professor Andrei Volkov talked about the UN history and explained the current state of affairs in the United Nations. He emphasized the importance of NGOs cooperating with UN, especially in the field of creating international harmony.

In his report, the leader of the UPF-Russia, Konstantin Krylov, told the guests of the program, representatives of different NGOs and organizations of culture, about the new UPF initiative to promote dialogue between Russian Federation and the European Union. He emphasized that UPF will in every way support the recent initiative of the Russian Federation Government to establish a visa-free passage between the Russian Federation and the European Union. There will be conferences and cultural programs aimed at dissolving barriers of distrust between the nations and peoples of the European Union and Russia.

During the program, Artur Makarov, a poet, recited his poetry; Arseny Kritsky, vice-president of the International Foundation of Military and Historical Heritage, presented his project about Belarus–Russia cooperation. In commemoration of UN Day, the honored artist of Russia Vladimir Frolov sent his congratulatory address to the participants of the event. Here are his words:

"The wheels of state often underestimate the human factor. Therefore, the activity of different NGOs in support of the system of values indicated in the UN Charter (adopted on October 24, 1945) is so important. The commitment of Ambassadors for Peace and their dedication to strengthening these values is not just a rhetoric gesture; it gains the power of heart's confession. The devaluation of words and terms is much more dreadful than any financial collapse. When children cannot trust their parents, they become a lost generation; when people cannot trust politicians and religious leaders society reaps disorder, riots, bloodshed, and finally large-scale wars. The UN plays a special role in the modern world. One sage said: 'The purpose of establishing UN was not to create heaven on the earth but to prevent people from plunging into hell.' Without the United Nations the world would become much more chaotic and unpredictable. With all my heart, I congratulate Ambassadors for Peace, these spiritual knights! I sincerely hope to achieve together with you the noble purpose of creating universal happiness."

This meeting was one of a series of UPF programs that promote the UN's ideas and values in order to create dialogue between cultures and establish peace in the world. 

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