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Meetings with Kazakh Ambassadors for Peace

Konstantin Krylov
December 21, 2011
UPF -- Kazakhstan

Almaty, Kazakhstan -- Ambassadors for Peace gathered in the Kazakhstan Peace Embassy for a summary meeting to review events of 2011 on December 19, where they welcomed the Secretary General of UPF-Russia, Konstantin Krylov.

Among Ambassadors for Peace there were: Gabit Nuradilov, Representative of the Kazakhstan People's Assembly in the Southern national district; Professor Artur Igorevich Artemiev, UPF Global Peace Council member; Lamin D. Bangura, President of the African Union in Kazakhstan; Amantai Akhetov, head editor of the newspaper "Pravda Kazakhstan" and his wife; and many others. Olga Chuprakova, wife of UPF-Kazakhstan Secretary General Sergei Chuprakov, was emcee.

After a short introduction and a warm welcoming speech, Konstantin Krylov reported about the current UPF initiatives and projects in Commonwealth of Independent States. The philosophic presentation on "From dependence through independence towards interdependence" aroused the special interest of the Ambassadors for Peace.

In his presentation Mr. Krylov described a historical development of three philosophies, their impact upon human society and families, human interrelations and life, and national history in general.

It was doubtless very helpful for all Ambassadors for Peace to once again reflect on universal values and enjoy views of great philosophers, writers, poets, peacemakers, prominent religious and political figures, and outstanding leaders of all times and nations about good and evil, righteousness and egotism, etc.

Mr. Amantai Akhetov mentioned in his speech that Abai Kunanbaev (1845-1904), a famous writer, philosopher, composer, and public figure of Kazakhstan, also addressed the problem of social evil and ignorance, promoting idea of human love and goodness. Mr. Akhetov expressed his appreciation for the Russian UPF activity.

After the meeting, during the final coffee break, participants could freely communicate with each other in informal discussions of the most interesting issues. The atmosphere at the event was very warm and friendly.

A meeting with Mr. Eleussizov Mels took place on December 20. Twice a candidate for President of Kazakhstan, leader of the EcoUnion, branch "Tabigat" (platform of the Green Party in Kazakhstan), he is married and has four children. The meeting was held at Mr. Yeleussizov's workplace, in the premises of "Tabigat" EcoUnion. Mr. Yeleussizov initiated and carried out the largest ecological projects in Kazakhstan. In his nation he is considered the top ecologist. The goal of the meeting was to introduce UPF's activities and vision and build personal relations before he goes to Korea to participate in International Leadership Conference in January.

The following day, a meeting with the President of the African Union in Kazakhstan, Mr. Lamin D. Bangura, took place. The goal of the meeting was the same as that of the previous one with Mr. Eleussizov.

A meeting with Mr. Gabit Nuradilov, Representative of the People's Assembly of Kazakhstan (PAK) in the Southern Region, took place on December 21 at the Azerbaijan Restaurant in Almaty. Mr. Nuradilov was very happy to renew his connection with UPF. He carefully prepared for the meeting and handed to his UPF guests complimentary gifts, issues of the Republican magazine, and few other brochures introducing PAK activity in Kazakhstan. As a matter of fact, the Chief of the PAK is the President of Kazakhstan, and Mr. Nuradilov belongs to the President's staff. After the meeting it became clear that PAK is ready to consider the future cooperation with UPF. Mr. Nuradilov shared about his main activities and responsibilities in PAK, where he is responsible for coordination of bee-farming production, providing honey for the people of Kazakhstan, and integrating honey production into the national food industry. He is also involved in elections and promoting some candidates. Mr. Nuradilov is coordinating 33 national Diaspora centers in Almaty. 

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