The Words of the Krylov Family

Meeting in Ryazan Focuses on Interfaith Initiatives

Konstantin Krylov
January 23, 2011

Ryazan, Russia -- Ambassadors for Peace in Ryazan met on January 23 to reflect on the tenth anniversary of the Universal Peace Federation's proposal to create an inter-religious council within the UN system. The program was also related to the World Inter-religious Harmony Week, which recently established by the UN General Assembly, which will be celebrated during the first week of February.

In the course of the meeting, the Secretary General of UPF-Eurasia, Jacques Marion, took the floor. He talked about the UPF activities in the CIS countries. Konstantin Krylov spoke about the guiding principles of the UPF's peacemaking activity.

We especially appreciate the efforts of Larisa Shmakova, Chair of the Ryazan NGO "Teachers for Morality," for organizing the program. 

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