The Words of the Krylov Family

Workshop in Baku for Ambassadors for Peace

Konstantin Krylov
September 26, 2010
UPF -- Azerbaijan

Baku, Azerbaijan -- A workshop on Unification Thought for professors and educators took place September 26 in Baku, Azerbaijan. Such programs became traditional in the course of UPF-Eurasia's South Caucasus Peace Initiative, adding discussions of values to the peacemaking process. During the day, Ambassadors for Peace discussed issues of moral education, causes of conflicts, dialogue between Islam and Christianity, and philosophical and historical aspects of the alignment of forces in the modern world.

The workshop was attended by professors and representatives of the Azerbaijan Ministry of Education, the Academy of Science, the Humanitarian Academy, trade unions, and the National Peace Council of Azerbaijan. During the program, the Secretary General of UPF-Russia, Konstantin Krylov, gave a speech. The host of the program was Mr. Toru Nishivaki, the Chair of the UPF-Azerbaijan.

We would like also to express our gratitude to Prof. Rafik Aliyev, ex-chairperson of the Committee for Religions of Azerbaijan who arranged the venue for the meeting. 

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