The Words of the Krylov Family

St. Petersburg Hosts Seminar on "Strengthening the Family"

Konstantin Krylov
July 20, 2007
St. Petersburg, United States

Mrs. Elena Mironova.

The UPF chapter of St. Petersburg, Russia, held its second regional meeting in the form of a seminar on "Strengthening the Family as the Foundation for a Stable Society."

Despite the warm summer weather drawing people to their summer homes, known as dachas, the seminar was attended by 25 participants, both Ambassadors for Peace and new contacts.

UPF-Eurasia Assistant Secretary General Konstantin Krylov came from Moscow for the occasion, and gave the welcoming address, reporting on UPF history and activities worldwide. Then, St. Petersburg UPF Director Ilya Zakharov gave presentations on the "Need for Character Education" and "the Family as the School of Love."

Mr. Tsokiev, President of the St Petersburg League of Nationalities, who recently attended the Ambassadors for Peace Leadership Conference in Korea, gave an inspiring testimony about his experiences in the seminar as well as his impressions on Korea and the Korean people.

Mrs. Elena Mironova, wife of Mr. Yuri Mironov, President of the Family Genealogy Association of St. Petersburg, an Ambassador for Peace and long-time friend of UPF, then gave a very sincere and inspiring talk on traditions in the modern family in Russia. She and her husband are raising 10 children and enjoy a notably harmonious marriage. She received an Ambassador for Peace certificate from the hands of Mr. Krylov at the end of the program.

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