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30,000 And 360,000 Blessing Annivesary Report

Stella Koppoe with Jonathan and Timothy Koppoe
August 28, 2007

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I would like to share with you the result of our activity yesterday, Sunday, August 26, 2007 as we celebrated the Blessing Anniversary of the 30,000 and 360,000 Holy Wedding that took place 15 years and 12 years ago in Seoul Korea, August 25, 1992 and August 25, 1995 respectively.

Each year the Ohio Family Church members who received the said Blessings joined our hearts to commemorate the most important event in our lives as a pre-requisite in entering God's Kingdom on earth and in Heaven (spirit world) - called the Blessing or Holy Wedding

Mrs. Miyo Horiwaki and Mr. and Mrs. Makoto Yamamoto organized this year's celebration. It was held at Prairie Oaks Metro Park, Plain City with an attendance of 19 Blessed Husbands and Wives; 24 Blessed Children and the affair was also graced by the presence of 5 leaders: Mrs. Wiveka Lamson, - District 6 leader, Rev. Josef and Mrs. Tomiyo Schrattenecker, - Ohio State Leader, and Mr. Chris and Mrs. Mihoko Rood, - Blessed Family Department leader. Thus, 24 adults and 24 children make a total of 48 beautiful individuals who received God's love, and blessing on such wonderful day.

The program started with Holy Song: Blessing of Glory, followed with a prayer by Mrs. Sue Cooper and listening to True Mother's speech: Blessed Marriage and Eternal Life, read by Stella Koppoe. There was an offering collection and prayer by Mrs. Yuriko Kido, and then Mr. and Mrs. Alisher Karimov led the renewal of Blessing Vows wherein not only husbands and wives but also children responded a loud YES.

Mr. Makoto Yamamoto and Mrs. Lynette Fall shared very inspiring testimonies as they each recalled their lives after 15 years of receiving the Blessing.

For Mr. Yamamoto, he wanted to share to all brothers and sisters not only to UC but all over the world the preciousness of the Blessing, the reward of it all -- having the family/children that had impact in his life which help him grow as a person and for that I believed he meant growing into maturity as a man of good character and personality.

Mrs. Fall shared quite a long journey of her life but every step of it was an education not only for her but I believed for those of us whose ears, mind and heart were open during her testimony. A glimpse of it was a relationship between husband and wife, not just as a couple or each other spouse but being a friend and a soul mate and allowing God as the prime mover of that relationship, that neither one can change the other but God is. "Let me take care of myself, change myself and God will take care of my spouse or my children", as she said.

Both of their testimonies reminded me of the common saying that says: "Charity begins at home" and "Home is a school of love". However, True Father indeed stressed that: "The beginning and ending point upon which the heart of God can rest is the family…" RSMM.

The Birthday celebrants did the cutting of cake: Mrs. Gloria Laurent (Aug. 27); Mrs. Rumi Sikorski (Aug. 27), Mr. Ali Karimov ( Aug. 29), as well as 2nd gen. Richard Lee, Amir and Sharif Karimov and although not present we also remembered her -Mrs. Fatou Sarr (Aug.25).

The culmination of the program was a Congratulatory Remark by our State Leader, Rev. Josef Schrattenecker. He was happy seeing many children and he then gave us his blessing by saying that: Each family need to be active in participating God's Providence and then more blessing will come.

After group picture taking, Mr. Chris Rood said a benediction for the food after which Rev. Josef led the cheers of Oak Mansei, and finally, we all enjoyed the nice, delicious potluck and bar-b-que. Then after lunch everyone relaxed while the children had games and fun of their own.

Thank you very much everyone for making this event successful, wonderful and memorable one. Thank you all brothers and sisters for your hearts, prayers and thoughts with us during that day. And most of all, a big thank you to Miyo san and Yamamoto family for organizing the event. Next years turn to organize will be Mrs. Gloria Laurent and anyone among the 30T and 360T Blessing, please feel free to communicate with Gloria for your support/ideas and be a part of the committee.

May God Bless Us All!!!

Sincerely yours,

Stella with Jonathan and Timothy Koppoe

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