The Words of the Koch Family

The world is large and dark and asleep, but there is a light

Peter Koch
January 1, 1972

Mr. Peter Koch

As the year is drawing to a close the thoughts go back to re-evaluate the past year and to project plans into the next. When I think of our situation the picture comes to me of a single lighted window at the front of a huge building at midnight. The world is large and dark and asleep. But there is a light -- small yet but strong. This light is the hope of the world. If only the world would realize this! How can we spread this light to conquer all darkness?

The past year has brought us a considerable increase in membership. Much energy has been put into the project of building our training center. The reward will come next year when many strong fighters for God will be trained there. The first training course will start right after God's Day. The objective of this course will be the training of the teachers for the coming training courses.

By constantly changing our methods of approaching the people especially on the university level we have gained much experience. However, we still need many more highly qualified teachers. This is especially true with regard to the anti-communist work. So it will be our aim during the coming year to reach more university professors and ministers. We are already working with some of them to draw them closer to a living relationship with the living God. We expect a much closer cooperation with them in the near future.

With greetings from Austria to our True Parents and to all our brothers and sisters in Korea. 

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