The Words of the Koch Family

With our Anti-Communist work we are ready to go

Peter Koch
October 11, 1971
Vienna, Austria

Dear Mr. Kim,

At the beginning of the month of September the Austrian family started an indemnity drive with fasting, prayers and silence to find a priest who would accept the Principles. We are in contact with quite a number of priests, but so far we are still looking forward to some success in this direction. Results have been very slow to come last month, but two new members have joined the family. The University has still been closed during September, so- we used this break to send as many people of the larger centers as possible to help with the reconstruction of the training center.

At the mini-conference in Rome we met Paul [Werner] and Martin [Porter] who reported on their trip to Manila, Japan and Korea. They brought many encouraging news about the activities over there, and they told us much about our True Parents. When will they come? The streets Austrian family is longing for them so much!

With our anti-Communist work we are ready to go on the with a special campaign, however, we still are waiting for the police permit required for such work.

Please give our love and greetings to Father and Mather and to all our Brothers and Sisters in Korea.

In the name of Our True Parents,
Peter Koch 

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