The Words of the Koch Family

We made a round trip visiting all centers

Peter and Gertrud Koch
August 7, 1971
Vienna, Austria

Sunday Service

Dear Mr. Kim,

With the European Conference behind us we could again focus our attention on the Austrian family. So at the beginning of the month of July we made a round trip through all the centers. At this occasion we changed two center directors.

Social evening, Austrian folk Dancers

Some of the new members of the other centers have spent some time in Vienna to be raised in the atmosphere of a larger family. This was found to be a good experience especially for married couples of which a few have recently joined the family.

Visit to the new Austrian training center

Also Fernando of the Spanish family and Harald and Elizabeth of Turkey have spent a month with the Vienna family.

Visit to the Austrian training center which is being constructed

The construction work at the training center is making good progress, so we hope to finish the center by the end of next month.

Right now we are mainly concentrating on training or members for the anti-communist work. For this we have already laid much of a foundation of indemnity.

At the dinner table "Good meal?"

Please give our love and greetings to Father and Mother and to all our brothers and sisters in Korea.

In the Name of our True Parents
Peter and Gertrud Koch 

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