The Words of the Koch Family

The Third European Conference was held in Vienna

Peter Koch
July 10, 1971
Vienna, Austria

Mr. Kuboki speaking at the Conference

Dear Father,

Greetings from the Austrian Family!

Last week-end we had the Third European Conference in Vienna, which was attended by 19 national leaders, 35 other international delegates and more than 50 members of the Vienna Family. The presence of Mr. Kuboki has been a great blessing to the conference, and we thank you for sending him to us. As an independent observer he probably saw many things which remained hidden to our eyes. During the conference we had an atmosphere of love and harmony.

One good result of the conference is that the problem between Teddy, Anita and me has really been solved, and the bond of love connecting us is stronger now than ever before. As far as I could observe all the delegates greatly gained from the conference. Some of them wept at their departure. Others stayed a few more days. There is no question that the conference has been a full success. As the result of the anti- Communist session we mailed letters to presidents Park, Nixon and Chang Kai-shek to help Mr. Kuboki in his work.

I would have liked to send you a more detailed report, but since going through all the recording tapes is such a time consuming process this will have to remain for later.

In love with our Heavenly Father,
Peter Koch 

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