The Words of the Koch Family

Korean President Park's Letter was given to IFVC in Austria

Peter Koch
July 13, 1971

Mr. Peter Koch, Austrian Chapter Director of IFVC (International Federation for Victory over Communism) in Europe had received a letter from President Park last July. On the 28th of June, delegates from fifteen European nations had had a conference in Vienna to listen to President (Chairman of WACL) Osami Kuboki's report on Asia. The IFVC is working world wide in support of the Republic of Korea and other free nations of Asia. The letter of His Excellency Park Chung Hee is as follows:

Chong Wa Dae
July 13, 1971

Dear Mr. Koch:

I would like to express my sincere thanks to you and fourteen other colleagues of yours for the letter of June 28.

I was indeed pleased to know that the anti-communist leaders from fifteen countries had a very successful gathering in Vienna around the end of June. I am confident that the conference has marked a turning point in freedom loving people's struggle to build a free, prosperous and peaceful world, devoid of violence and aggression, so easily resorted to by communists. It is my firm belief that our struggle will continue to gather strength after strength until our final victory has been won.

Please accept my warm greetings and best wishes to you and other delegates for a full measure of success in your worthy endeavors.

Park Chung Hee

Mr. Peter Koch
International Federation for Victory over Communism Republic of Austria 

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