The Words of the Koch Family

We are working full strength to translate anti-Communist literature

Peter and Gertrud Koch
June 12, 1971
Vienna, Austria

Dear Mr. [Young Hwi] Kim,

For the Austrian Family the month of May started with a march 3 times around the inner city of Vienna prior to the May Day demonstrations of the Communists. Later on we engaged some of the demonstrators in discussions.

It is obvious that we need much more knowledge and training for our work. So we are working full strength to translate anti-Communist literature and to advance the construction of our training center. Especially from the training center we expect much help for the spiritual work, the anti- Communist work and the activities of the "New Center" movement. To pay indemnity we have made it a point for every member-- boy or girl -- to do heavy physical labor for the construction of the training center. On World Day the construction crew stayed out at the training center to witness the blessing of the ground as Holy Ground. This way it has become the first ground in this country which has been actually restored to God, not only symbolically.

On May 12th we had our first big activity of the "New Center" movement. We had won a professor of medicine to give a lecture on "personality medicine" to a crowd of 600 students. Although we had moved the lecture from the hall originally rented to the largest lecture hall of Vienna University, people were sitting even on the floor of the isles and standing as a packed crowd in the back of the hall. The Baptists had sent in 15 hecklers, but we carried the day. A second lecture has already been lined up.

In order to raise money for the training center two of our artists had made a picture exhibition, during which we gave two concerts of classical music. As a result four pictures could be sold, two of which were bought by art professors. Furthermore, we could make a number of new contacts with people interested in our work.

Please give our love and greetings to Father and Mother and to all our brothers and sisters in Korea.

In the Name of our True Parents,
Peter and Gertrud Koch 

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